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New group on facebook 

Apologies for all-but-abandoning this community but with jobs, Twitter and Facebook, maintaining Google+ as a social hub for the podcast became a little too much. We are trying to streamline our social presence now to mainly the big two network sites.

Have any of you guys played around with a Chromecast yet

So apart from an abundance of 4K tvs at CES, what are your other predictions?

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This is what happens when the camera shutter speed matches the helicopters blades.

Animated Photo

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Come and vote in the poll for what your tech wishes are for Christmas:

Hi. Can you post the RSS feed for the podcast please? Had to reinstall my podcatcher and lost it!! Sorry!

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So what are your Christmas tech dreams made of? Let us know for the next podcast being recorded this week.

FULL! Exactly what I was concerned about as had the same experience with my PS3

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I have just spent £109 on a pair of smart scales that has an app and can check the air quality in the room and can check heart rate as well. Silly money I know but needed the incentive to actually see me lose weight and increase fitness. Thing that struck me was that the packing was akin to a high end laptop. Not one for doing an unboxing video but these have to be seen to believe. Also will be doing a review for the blog and the withings my fitness app and how it can have other related apps feed data into it. 
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