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name:sabine wren
Born:3256 LY 21 BBY
Species: Human
Height: 1.7 meters
weight: 52 kilograms
Hair color:Multi-colored
Eye color:Brown
Skin color:Tan
weapons: WESTAR-35 Blaster Pistols.
Bounty Hunter
Weapons Expert

bio:she is a young girl with riotously colored Mandalorian armor and a mysterious past, Sheloved to express herself artistically. She saw the galaxy as her canvas everything from her hair and armor to the walls of the Ghost could be improved with bursts of color and an expressive line. She took particular delight in repainting Imperial gear, armor and vehicles, turning drab Imperial equipment into expressions of freedom

she was a cadet at the Academy of Mandalore. She built weapons she believed would be used for peace but were instead used against her family and her people. Wracked with guilt, she left Mandalore and was branded a traitor by the Empire. she worked as a bounty hunter alongside her friend Ketsu Onyo before being recruited by Captain Hera Syndulla and the Jedi Kanan Jarrus to join their rebel crew aboard the starship Ghost. Together, the crew fought against the Empire and used her art as a symbol of hope. They became part of a larger rebel movement, with her work continuing to inspire the fledgling rebellion.
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Akai & Shiro

Shiro is the young boy with black/white hair his hair is
usually affected by the emotional atmosphere. He's very level headed and the brain behind a lot of the actions. Very introverted and has a soft side for over zealous people knowing once there gone in the pool valuable items you can't save them. He believes knows that nothing belongs to you as he finds out as him and his family are abandoned on a ship... until Yukei and his father find them, once the young boy disappears Shiro plans to find him at once after all him and his father did and gave so much he feels indebted to find the boy. He also sorta kinda fell in love with him (can use force though uses it for slacking off )


You can tell she's a wildcard, mastered in guns and fighting and a little clever extremely witty though She makes for the perfect muscle to your job. Is a huge narcissist and sadist, though she does have a weak spot for ugly things. she pities them for being born so disgusting And never underestimates her opponents. Shes really silly and fun to be around and super funny. She loves to harass Shiro and secretly in love with him As she know he's hard to get upset and that makes it all the more fun! Loves to kick things for fun and even though her interest would make her seem like she's violent, she's a big girly punk and loves red and black and PINK!
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(Open RP)
A freighter exits hyperspace in, well wherever here is. Inside its pilot is desperately trying to get out of a whole heaping load of trouble "Okay okay, all we need to do is dispose of the communicator and this is all going to be okay. Oh who am I kidding this guy is gonna kill me!"

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In orbit around the planet.
HWSS Remorseless Omega sat in orbit above the planet, Darth Morul sat on a metal throne like structure on the bridge of the capital ship scanning the sector for activity.

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Name: HWSS Remorseless Omega
Age: New
Class: Capital ship
Model: Heavy Weight SpaceShip
Owner: Darth Morul
Weapons: Turbolasers and Laser cannons
Additional gear: Rey shields, Point-defence system and Boarding ships
Bio: Darth Morul made sure that this ship was made to the correct parameters. He lead forces to gain meterals to create the ship and conqured the planet that has the meterals required. He made sure that the spaceports were oporatonal and then oversaw the creaton. It took a while to create the ship and he cleared out any attempt of rebelion on the planet making sure that the planet could continue to be used for spaceship creation.
Additional info: This ship has a massive amount of crew much more than is required to maintain the ship. It also has two warpdrives incase one brakes.
Appearance: A large ring with a blade like structure coming out the side.

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It was quite are your base finally some peace people were relaxing others doing work and some were indulging im cards or chess

Up until a door exploded open a.d a body was thrown through the opening into a guard

The Crusader stormed into the room slicing down anyone in his way

He grabbed the arm of soldier snapping it back Watson kicking his knee in the grabbed a grenade for his belt putting it in another's shirt, kicking him into 2 others


(Closed to +Zhane 65​)

I sneak around in your house trying to find something that's worth my stealing. Staying out of sight. I spot your saber thinks:another one but it looks different I approach it

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So... Which Sith Lord wants to be my master?
This is my profile, if you want to be my master pp or hangouts me. :3 Sith are based around secrecy after all.

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+Abyss Being of chaos
Darth Morul was standing at the port watching for jedi. He saw a figure walk into an allyway and moved to investigate.
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