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As my friends can verify, I love the clubbing and the party scene. The dancing, drinking, and hooking up are just a few of the joys of going out clubbing. I am happy to say that I’ve partied in at least 25 countries (and still counting!), so I guess I have enough experience to share with you the readers about the clubbing and drinking scene found here in Mauritius, and especially in Grand Baie where I live...

Grand Baie Night Life – The Clubbing Scene

The Grand Baie nightlife has evolved drastically during the recent years. From a sleepy city of 1-2 clubs, today one can find about 10 night clubs and many more active pubs.

mauritius clubbing and night sceneMost of the “action” is during weekends, when both local and tourists fill the clubs and bars, and party until the very late hours.

This is why I strongly advice to plan your schedule accordingly, making sure you save enough energy for long nights out of clubbing and drinking during the weekends!

It is very easy to find clubs in Grand Baie, as almost all of them can be found on Royal Road in the center of Grand Baie. So, all you have to do is to start walking along Royal Road until you see a club, and then continue to the next, and the next....

Another big advantage of the nightlife in Mauritius is that many of the clubs offers free entrance, while others charge low entrance fee of 100 Rs (about 2.5 Euro), which make it ideal for bar/clubhopping, where you can find yourself skipping from one place to another until ending the night at early morning the next day.

The Grand Baie clubbing scene only starts rather late, at around 23:30 pm, so plan accordingly. If you are like me and you are not in your 20's anymore, have a rest before going out so you are sure to keep partying all night.

Grand Baie’s Complete Clubs “Tour”

There’s a lot of activity during weekends, so my suggestion is that you will begin your evening at the first club on Royal Road when coming from the direction of Pointe Aux Cannonier, heading the direction of Pereybere.

The first place you will find is the Les Enfants Terribles. This club is divided into a few sections, in which they offer different types of music. Also, there are 3 bars there- 2 inside and one outside, so you can really enjoy drinking, and dancing while changing places inside the club.

The Sound of Filaos

4PM - Onwards
Ilot Bernache

Presale: Rs700

Go: 4PM - 1.30AM
Return: 3AM - 9AM

Tickets available:
Barabar - Grand Bay
Mobby world - Bagatelle, Port-Louis, Curepipe
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