soo......i bought a dicemasters lot.   I guess I should learn to play now.

I'm officially the first kid on the block to get the D&D dicemasters set :D

+James G  - so sorry, I played that imprisoment action card wrong!  It reads you can capture any # of dice up to the TOTAL fielding cost of 2.  So....  I guess it's still powerful because you can capture all of the sidekicks and 0 cost fielding ones.   Anyway, I think you would have won the game!!!

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I got Sherriff of Nottingham. Looking forward to Tuesday!

+James G  - Alex says they are meeting tomorrow at Mindworks at 6 PM.  Wanted you to know.

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Aww yeah!

Here's the latest news from our Facebook Group:  Jessie at Dungeons & Dugouts is able to get in a few copies of Dead of Winter.  Limited 1 per person.  Please contact her to reserve one.  Also, at Dungeons & Dugouts, this Saturday it will be open play.  She has some games available to learn. 

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+James G  - okay, I"m reading the updated rules, and I guess the waiting area now after it's been used they now call of the "Out of Play" area.  I didn't realize that unblocked characters go there!  This is from the rule book: 
Out of Play:
Nothing can happen to dice here. Energy spent during
your turn goes here, so do action dice you use during your turn or
unblocked characters.

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+James G  - okay and it looks like for Global Activites during the main step each player can play global activities.  Then the player declares attackers and defenders are delcared then each play can play global activities again.   Here is the link to the rules I was reading -   
LOL.... one of these days we will get it right!! OH well, it's been fun learning too!
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