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This is the link for the story we are currently writing. Please feel free to write, edit, give feedback, or make any changes. (I just wanted to make this clear for all our new members coming in)
The Lost Zodiac
The Lost Zodiac

Hey guys.... The summer hols are here for me already. My best fanfic is rom com type of thing

Guys, I know this project is going a little slowly right now, but summer is close by for most of us here(YAY!) Once it's summer, I think we'll have more time to work on the fanfiction :)

Btw, I miss September/Beryl

Can we make a good paul meets percy/finds out/titon war/missing percy/percys return fanfic? Like all the major events in pauls life

Hello, I joined... Yesterday? My talents in fanfic wrighting is fighting scence and im HORRIBLE as mushy love, comfort, and scences like that. Im Rick Riordian trash and fangirl extraordinaire. I love Nico so frekin much it hurts, dont get me wrong i LOVE Solanglo but i ship nico with myself. I sometimes forget the names of minor characters so i put [insert name of that chatecter who does not speak english in tHO] like that. Kay pplz there was my intro

Sample fanfic

Conner ran past travis screaming "race you to the top of the lava wall!!!!!" travis snorted, overtakeing his brother, and jumped on the climing wall and began to climb, conner was a faster climber, all the sudden the lava reset, spraying conners foot, conner yelped as he fell of the side, his arm moved frantically as he fell, his head smashed into a outcropping on the wall with a sickening 'thunk', the flailing stoped and conner hit the ground, as he hit travis heard a crack, but on the lava wall there was only going up intil you pressed the butten to turn off thea lava, travis saw someone running over, he started climbing like his life depended on it, well connors did depend on it. when he reached the butten he was able to get down safely, when he got to the botton he nearly puked, half conner's head was coverd in blood, a apollo kid was bandageing his head frantically as he called for will
As will ran over muttering in greek travis prayed to hermes, 'hermes.... I have never asked much of you.... But please dont let Connor die... Will was kneeling by conner, "you bandaged his head well loren..." travis heard him mumble, will poured necter into his mouth, conners pale face became less pale. Will looked up, "he cracked his head open good, broke his arm, have to splint that before we move him, his bones almost breaking thru his skin. First degree burn from the lava, but he still might die from blood loss," will says urgently as he splints his arm. "Vlacas..." will swore when blood soaked through the bandage on his head, he stuffed the ambrosia into conners mouth, "help me get him to the infermiary-
'silence as they get Conner to the infermiary'
sorry travis but i think he just enterd a comoa..." travis looked like he was going to cry.. "Is he?" his voice cracked
"No hes not dead... Just.."
"Just he might not wake up..." travis sighed and slumped in his seat "its always been him and me... Every school every foster home.... Every run.... We were together for all of it... And now i dont know what to think if-" his voice cracked as he teared up, by now it was far past crewfew, but chiron diddnt have the heart to make travis get up, by now, most of conners phyical injuries were healed, not counting the 56 stiches in his head and concession, but that outcropping of rock was a handhold of celestial bronze, soon travis had fallen asleep, when he woke up he had started crying... He stopped when Pollox walked in and sat next to him "i know how you feel, i-"
"No you dont- sorry.....
"Fine, as i was saying your brother might live, mines in the underworld, ok? Dont freak out before it happens."
Travis nodded as tears streamed down his face. "Every prank, every run, every foster home, every expelliation, every test, battle, year, month, and day he was here...." will walked in smirking, "he woke up Travis, he did, not letting him get out of that bed until thurseday, now go talk to your brother, pollox patted him on the back as he stood up. And walked after will. "Connor? Bro? Are you ok? No.. Of course your not okay.. Please never scare me like again, you.. You scared me.. You familylooked dead Conner dead.. Please just.." his voice cracked as tears collected in his eyes "Travis, I... Im sorry.. Im glad i diddnt die to" he involuntarily groaned as he tried to sit up "Conner, its just.. Your my only family other than mom.. And you know.. Conner i.. I thought you were goona die, you.. Blood was freaking everywhere... Your eyes rolled into your head conner.." Travis was full out crying now. Pollox sat awkwardly in the corner "Travis.. He's alive, thats all that matters, not that he almost died only that he is" Travis looked up "t-thanks.." and went over to the chair and put his head in his hands, Pollox walked over to Connor "your brother diddnt leave the infermiary for 12 hours, i think im the only thing that kept him sane, he ate half a waffle and a drank half a glass of water, he fell asleep in that chair, monitoring you, i heard him mumbleing prayers to every god, and goddess you can think of, dude, if you died... Imagine Annabeth for the week after percy disappeared, only nonstop crying and no looking, Travis would have murderd someone, please dont worry him like that again" connors face was a mix between guilt and shock "Hades.. How did you keep him sane?-" Will walked in, takeing note of the now sleeping Travis "conner, your brother was in worse mental shape then you, you had brain trama, he had near insanity. Now let me see your head, someone needs to see to it.

Thank u 4 reading!!!

i just saw someone else do it so i'm like "pssh whai not"

Hello peoples on the google plus! I joined yesterday, but I didn't have any time to make an introduction because life.
I'm a writer, and I love to write just the normal/descriptive stuff. I haven't really tried fighting sequences yet, nor mushy love stuff, so I don't think I'm good at that stuff.
I also enjoy making characters. :3

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I started writing a pjo/hoo universe... I have already written 15 chapters but in my notebook... Should I continue this ff? Please comment...

Percy knew that he couldn't sleep. The noises, those horrid sounds disturbing him in hid dreams effeciently prevented him from doing so...

Chapter 1
Percy woke up drenched in sweat again. But this time he was glad that he had not screamed. The last time he did that, Annabeth had refused to leave his side for 2 days, before he could persuade her to go and rest. He thought of Annabeth and how she was becoming distant these days. There was something bothering her. He wanted to help her and he did, but there were some scars that only time can heal. Their escapade from Tartarus and its horrors were still very fresh in their minds.
But he was not worrying about that. Well he was but not in past context. He was scared right now. The constant visits of Tartarus, in his dreams were making the hero of Olympus anxious. Tartarus was threatening him. He knew that sometimes gods made empty threats but Tartarus had already proven that he was not a god to make irrelevant promises. Few days ago, Blackjack, his pegasus had been ambushed by some monsters. He had escaped but had sustained some deep injuries, though nothing which couldn't be healed. Tartarus was mocking him- as though he wanted to frighten the hero into succumbing to his demands.
This time however Tartarus threatened to hurt a demigod if his conditions weren't fulfilled. Percy shuddered at that. The threats were steadily growing very serious. All the demigods were his friends but he felt hopeless this time.It was only a matter of time before Tartarus threatened to kill everybody he cared for. Tartarus said he wanted his revenge for Gaea's death but Percy knew there was something else going on. There was a bigger plan.
Percy shook his head and stood up. These days he went to the lake very often to clear his head.He left the cabin and headed towards the lake. He had just touched the surface of the lake when suddenly he heard a scream...
~ Prax CJ


Hey guys! Checking in for the last time. So, I got in a bit of an argument with the fabulous +Harlie Case [Watch the wording confuse her], so I'm leaving. I know most of you don't know me, and that's fine. If you want all the juicy details, head on over to my profile, mostly rant #2. Have a great fanficton.

Uh... hi! So I joined this a while ago but forgot to do this, sorry. Anyways, I'm Beth and I love reading, writing, dancing and sports. I write a fanfic on Wattpad and I'd love to be a beta reader/ writer on here! Okay bye now xx
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