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For those who can't forget the Gatech journey, here is another opportunity. Here is the community for Georgia Tech OMS Analytics program.

And here is the link to the OMS Analytics program:

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Hi everyone - I am noticing all the different posts regarding class registrations and while this is part of the "process" we all need to go through as being part of the program I think we can "lessen" the stress - I created this spreadsheet where we can share our "path" to graduation. I am sure there will be a couple of current OMSCS students that will appreciate this as they try to figure out their own set of courses. Thanks!

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To my fellow Atlanta graduates, I wanted to share this new Meetup I've created for us to start to get more "connected" and engage with current students who are eager to pick our brains about this program. I have actually been waiting for someone to do this but no one has step up yet so here is my attempt at it :) By the way, congratulations to all the new graduates!

Any idea when the diplomas start arriving for Fall-2016 graduates?

Congrats to all of the Fall 2016 graduates!

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Let us get a roll call as to who is graduating Fall-2016. If you are attending the commencement ceremony, choose the second option.
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Graduating and Walking

I heard that graduates could continue to take classes, has anyone tries yet? 

Just curious. Is there any place where we can see the overall GPA standing on how the students did online/on-campus ?

I'm here a bit prematurely, but I'll be graduating in December, with either a specialization in Machine Learning or Computational Perception and Robotics. I qualify for both. Which one should I choose?
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