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+Sweet Lilah​​,
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this oc of mine is actually kind of sad sorry most of the details r about my life so yeah ill put most of the information here :3(im weird :P)
Loves: her sister, and her mom.
Personality: kinda sad and often quiet, gentle, and kind
Dislikes: her azma, her father, and veggies
Her sister is 2 years older then her.
-She is 12
-Her sister has seizures every 2 weeks
She often cant breath and coughs up blood
-She wishes it would all go away
-Her and her sister have fights often
-Her sister is violent especially when she wakes up from a seizure
-Her father stresses her out a LOT and she has panic attacks becuz she doesnt know how to deal with him

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i randomly made this oc and i cant think of a name help meh think of one pls! its a girl and she has a button eye under the eyepatch she also has fire powers :3 im wierd but ty!

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The art is mine

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These are my ocs Ryce and Dyce 

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Yauyy I'm back and WOW 110 MEMEBERS WE DID IT WE HIT OUR GOAL!!!!! :D
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breaks a window

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i m-
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