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Who watches "The Anime Man?" Well he has project going around about too 100 anime based by where and who we can reshare to.
I've already voted. You can vote up to 5 but you don't have to. Any other specific rules will be on the document.
Reshare everywhere where there is anime. sorry for this reshare shit

Here is the link, it's safe, I'd you don't believe me, search up "the anime man, I need your help"

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Hiyo!!!! I'm super late with everything that I do an I basically fall off of the earth every month but I hope that will change however I'm always on Amino. Anyway here's my prompt, go ahead and RP and I WILL FUCKING RESPOND WHEN I GET AROUND TO IT.
Let's begin.
This is Emerine- (

Emerine was at the rink practicing again. She practices every day for 5+ hours. She did a quadruple flip and double toe loop combo for a warm up and went through basic technique before practicing her program. She really hoped that the calmness that she had now would be there during the olympics. She heard the doors to the rink open and she immediately stopped and looked at the intruder.

We held hands together as we danced on the cold sand and water in the night sky with one light to use. Our breaths mixed panting slowly yet strongly as we look each other in the eye seeing the light shine. Our bodies close to each other feeling each others warmth and heart beat. I leaned my face to yours slowly and carefully as i close my eyes. You follow and our lips touched and then squeezed. Our hands let go as we wrap each other with our hands bringing us together even more. As we continue to kiss our warmth became heat. Fire like, steamy, love desiring, kiss. Our hand gripped each other in desire of being one. And then we softly let go. We let go of the kiss. Our eyes opened to see eavh others eye sparkle with light but flare up with compassion. "No matter what. No matter if i am angry, sad, confused, bitter, or dead. I..... will always love you. Not even when we are dead. I will be your lover, your kitten, your best friend, and your wife." You say. "I will love you. No matter if u raise your fist, shed tears, look all messy, empty in and out, or gone from this earth. I will be with you as your lover, your pup, your best friend, and as your husband." I said. We looked down to see our feets together with sand and water. We smile and walk along the shore and enjoy the rest of the night with the smell of the sea, and the feeling our happiness.

(Continue) i sped walked through the forest tears falling. My teeth and hands gripping. So angry i lost track of where i was. Lost deep in the forest i began clearing my mind. I had this strange feeling i was here before. I turned around to see a marking on a tree. It said "together forever Isaias and Mabel". I looked away remembering when i carved it (to be continued)

I inhale and exhale shivering. "Forgive me sweetie for all the bad things ive done, i will make the last few days u have left the best for u even if it mean i will be broke" i look up to the afternoon sky and close my eyes and make a soft smile. Then i realize what i did and start running not knowing where im going but having a feeling where im going. I finally reach the house and see my love and u looking for me and see me. "Hey sis..... hi sweetie... sorry i left just needed some time to think." I say shy like and walk to my love. She smiles "sit with me plis puppy" she said. "Ok my cutie" i say sitting next to u as i wrap my arms around u as u lay on me. I softly nibble ur head and nuzzle u. "Ur my adorable loveable kitten mabel and im gonna take u to ur favorite places" i said. She smiles and licks my cheek "mew and ur my fuzzy wuzzy precious pup isaias and the only place thats my favorite is when ur there so im happy here" she says happily and snuggles me.

(Continuing the story i left off one) I awoke to see u and her husband sitting down on chairs in a room we all are in. I try to get up but grunt in pain. They hear me awake looking at me. "Bro are u ok?" U said worried and kneeling to me. I breathed heavily as i nodded. I looked at the husband and he saw me and looked away. "Forgive me isaias.... i didnt knew u had a wife..." ur husband said as he went out the room. I got up and started to walk to the door. "Where are u going bro" u said to me worried but sounding like a mother. "Im just gonna walk on the shore no worries" i said shakingly as i exit out and walked out the house seeing a morning sun over the horizon of the ocean as i took off my shoes and socks feeling the sand on under my feet. I whimper and sniffle as i walk down to the water remember my wife. I yelled and screamed feeling my pain on my face go numb. I fell to my knees and cries grunting "WHY.... SHE CANT LEAVE ME SHES MY ONLY ONE.... I LOVE HER PLEASE DONT TAKE PLEASE AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH". (More to come)

(continue) i lay on the sand hearing the waves crash and the morning sun hit me. I stare up at the sky, tears drying. I get up and walk to the house dead like. U see me walking like as if i was a zombie. "Isaias..... please she wants u to be happy" u told me sadly. I look at u with no words coming out but only my voice moaning. U saw my eyes dead inside. I hugged u and walk to my car. "Where are u going bro?" U told me. I looked at u again but this timd i talked. "Im going home......" i said sounding hollow inside. I opened the car door and enter in. U worried ran into the house and told ur husband that u were gonna go to my house to check on me. He looked at u and nodded. I turned on the engine and drove off. A few seconds later u did the same following me. A couple hours later i arrived at my home. A house near a forest and ocean. I opened the front door and closed it. I walked out to the back and looked at the window up on the second floor of my house and tears rolled down. I began to yell again except this time with anger. I stopped and walked back to the house and brought out a a bunch of gardening equipment. I ran back inside and went up stairs and opend the door to her room and saw her. "Hello sweetie" i said with a trembling voice. She turned around to see me and smiled. "Welcome back home sweet heart..... i missed u" she said softly. I walked to her and took out the injections she had and carried her outside and sat her on a chair making her feel comfy to the best of my ability. She was surprised but happy. I went back inside and brought her a cup of cocoa. She smiled and gave me a kiss and then sipped her cocoa. Then i heard foot steps coming from the house and looked to see it was u. U smiled and waved. My wife looked at the back door and saw u and smiled. "Hello beautiful bride" she said cheerfullly. "Thank u so much * but ur more beautiful than me" u said looking at her as u walked to her and hugged her sniffling and crying. She hugged u back whispering not to cry. I looked down and took the gardening tools out and began to make holes. Each hole a bit far away from each other in a circle. Then more holes in the empty space between ny house and the forest. U and my wife looked at me planting as u talked about ur wedding. "Thank u for the rings they are beautiful" u said hugging her tightly and rubbing her back. She smiled "ur welcome they were destined to be urs and ur husbands rings.... besides im gonna be gone in a couple of days maybe" she said smiling. I heard and dropped the gardening tools and speed walked into the forest. (Continuing)

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I got into my car and drove to ur wedding. I thought of what would be ur reaction to the gift ill give u. It was the afternoon when i arrived at ur wedding. It was located on a beach that was beautiful. I wondered if i was late or that u will remember me still. I got to ur wedding and i saw a big house. It looked like it can fit 100 people in it. A bunch of ur relatives and other people recognized me and started gathering around. U noticed people were walking and talking towards the crowd i was in. U walked towards the crowd wondering who it was and then u saw my face and stopped stunned. Ur heart skipped a beat and ur eyes started to tear up. I saw u and smiled waving to u. U walked again towards me and i walked to u. In open arms we hugged each other. Tears run down ur cheek and also mine. "Oh my god isaias i didnt knew u would come" u said sobbing. "I wont miss my sis's wedding for anything" i said. We hug more. "Love you bro" u said. I giggled "love u too sis". Ur husband or groom came over wondering who i was and why was i hugging his bride. "Is that ur soon to be husband?" I said at a low voice. U turned around and saw ur man looking at u. "Sweetie!" U said "i want u to me my best friend and brother Isaias Ojeda". I took a step to him and raised my hand to him. "Hello there and congrats on u and my sister getting married" i said. He looked at me and shook my hand. "Nice to meet u, ive seen ur work its impressive" he said. I smiled a bit bashful. "Ahh its not that great but thanks" i said. The wedding began shortly and all was happy. It was night everyone still up and celebrating. I was walking along the shore alone. U were looking for me and saw me. U walked towards me. "Ive been looking for u bro... is this were uve been for past moment?" U said. I shook my head and sighed. "Sis....." i said as i sat down on the sand. "Please sit i need to give u something" i said with a sad face. U sat down looking at me worried. "Is everything ok isaias?" U said. I pulled out of my pocket two rings made of wood and gold. "These are for u and ur husband" i said smiling a little. "Me and my wife had them but now they are urs". U held them but then looked at me confused. "Ur wife? Whats happened to ur wife brother, i though u and her were fine." U said scared. I held back my tears and told u. "Shes dying kirsten" my voice shakening "im loosing her and she wanted me to give u wedding rings as a gift" i said crying. "She's on her death bed right now...... i-i dont know what to do sis.... im upset at her cause she dosent want to take her medicine and all.... but i dont wanna be mad at her.... shes telling me to yell at her and i dont wanna." I said trembling and crying hard. U hold me sad and worried about me. "She wants u to make sure im ok..... and that i find the right girl... when she told me that i got furious". "She's just wanting u to be happy without her brother she needs u to move on when shes gone" u said. "I cant move on.... she was my only love i cant find another" i said crying even more. Ur husband saw us at the shore and got upset. "I knew it" he said under his breath as he walked towards us in a fast pace. "I cant do this sis im scared" i said. "WHAT THE HELL ARE U DOING WITH MY WIFE U BASTARD" ur husband came marching in and grabbed me and started beating me up. "SWEETIE!!" U yelled at him as u try to seperate him from me as he swings his fist at me hitting me in the face as i did nothing. "He is hurt right now stop it!!" U said. "NO SHIT IM HITTING HIM... HE DESERVES THIS FOR MESSING WITH MY WIFE" he says as he continues to hit me. "HE IS LOSSING HIS WIFE!!" U yelled at him making him stop and look at u shocked and confused and then looks at me with my nose bleeding and my lip busted. "He is loosing his wife to cancer and he came to give us his and his wife's ring u idiot" u showed him the rings i gave u. "He is in pain and im the only one who could comfort him" u said looking at ur husband. Relatives heard the yelling and wondered who it was so they checked to see who it was.

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