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this is a roleplay community - if you don't know how to roleplay, I would suggest Google searching or asking someone who might know about it

• You must make a profile before RPing

• Your character must be original, not from a book, film etc.

• Here is the profile format - please use it if you can:
• At the moment, you can create up to three characters, but the limit could be raised

• As this is a fantasy community, you can be creative with the species / powers of your characters - but no overpowered OC's please

• A character profile must be approved before you can RP with that character


• If your RP is going to involve cussing, please mark it PG-13 in consideration of any younger members

• Please keep all RPs PG-13 or under, this is not a hentai community (don't search it up)

• If you want to create a ship (give your character a boyfriend / girlfriend / non binary romantic partner), then make sure that the owner of the other character is aware, and okay with it


• Remember to ask me if you have any questions - and don't hesitate to use the discussion tab for non RP talk

((OPEN to anybody.))
((Profile for extra info. ))

((Arabella Fay Smith aged 8))
Arabella was always a curious child, since the first day she spent on planet earth. She was always out and about discovering new things. Today her adventures led here away from the castle where she lived and into the nearby town of Forstford. Today was market day and the city was bustling with traffic. Arabella found that she had to push her way through the crowds in order to get anywhere. She pushes past someone on her way out of the crowd and towards the local tavern where she had heard a rumor that a Jongleur (storyteller) was staying for the next few days.

Quotes: "We all have a right to exist!"

Name: Kazex
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Species / creature: Goblin
Powers: Swordsmanship and lightning magic

3' 1" green goblin.
Dark blue light armor and black cape (think Fire Emblem appeal)
Black spiky hair

Personality: Cheerful, cocky, Blunt, compassionate

Biography: Once taken from his forest tribe as a baby he was raised by an evil witch wishing to start an army of goblins. So she trained him to be a tough fighter, spellcaster and leadership. She did too good of a job cause soon when he was 13 he staged a upraising with other captive goblins and slain the witch. When he was out he noticed how other races mistreat his kind like they were vermin. Other lesser races and even other high ones were getting the same treatment. So he now fights to protect those wishing to live in peace.

Weapons and Magic items: Enchanted short sword, hidden dagger and cape able to turn into bat wings to let him fly.

(Not my best but I hope to see where I was going with this.)

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Name: Raven
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Evil or Good: Good
Weapon: it is a dragon
Apperence: Light Blue dragon
Powers: Water & Ice
Personality: Kind, but will fight if is in danger
Likes: Playing, His Owner
Dislikes: Having to Fight

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Quotes •
"If you don't have hope, what use are weapons?"

Name • Pollyanna Juliet Rose, at your service.
Age • 19 years old.
Gender • female
Sexuality • quite possibly not straight.
Species / creature • I'm what you might call an elf.
Powers • I have impeccable aim with with bow (or just about anything), and I am highly skilled in metalwork and anything that involves crafting and making objects. Obviously, modesty is not one of my powers..

Appearance (picture optional) • face claim: Jessica Rose Uh, I have brown hair, around elbow length. I usually wear it in braids around my head, a bun or just a loose braid. My eyes are hazel, and I've been told they're pretty big, too. I am medium height for my age, and around average weight. In terms of clothing, there really is a mix. When I'm working, I tend to wear one of the old dresses I made myself a long time ago, when I'm fighting, I wear another homemade outfit, except this one is shorter and more practical, and has special built in protection against pretty much anything you can imagine. When I'm outside of my workshop or the battlefield, I wear a blouse and smartish skirt, or another homemade dress, slightly smarter than my working outfit. Finally, for really fancy events, I wear this red and black dress that took me forever to make. But I've only worn that twice. Oh, also, whatever I'm wearing, if it's needed, I'll always be wearing my old coat.

Personality • Pollyanna is usually fairly positive and friendly, whilst being down to earth and logical at the same time. She is determined, and can be outspoken and plain rude if she feels the need. However, most people only see the side of her that is tough, yet gentle and kind. Pollyanna is also known for her sharp wit and sarcastic remarks every once in a while.

Biography • I used to live by the sea with my parents, Margeux and Todd Rose. Todd was a pure blooded elf, while Margeux's blood was predominantly human. This was frowned upon in the community they used to live in, so when I was seven, we moved into the city. From a young age, dad taught me how to shape metal, how to use my power to make it do what I want. From age 12 I was making a lot of the items we sold together in the shop. I also made clothes, fashioning dresses that I could wear when working, and then moving onto more elaborate projects. And for a few years, everything was okay. Until a neighbouring kingdom declared war on us, invading almost out of nowhere. The city was the first place they attacked, and sadly, age 15 I lost both my parents to the war. But that just inspired me to fight back. Being only a child, I wasn't allowed in the army, so I assembled a small group of local people, vowing to protect the city, and the kingdom. I remember making my bow, one cold night, preparing for our first battle. We won, and slowly, our group bean to grow. After a year, we had nearly as many members as the smaller army divisions. We carried on fighting, and just a few months ago, it was declared that our kingdom had won the war. So now I've gone back to working in the old shop, and I guess I'm still adjusting to this peaceful life.

Magic items • I have an enchanted metal spider. Dad made it for me when I was ten, and I based all my projects off it for months afterwards.

Theme song • Fall Out Boy - Young Volcanoes

Weapon • The bow I created to fight with in the war. It's still hanging on my wall, if I ever should need it.
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