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Here's my profile
Hi this is my girl bio
At the beach
Name: Aria Vargas
Gender: female (obviously)
Sexuality: pansexual
Personalty: sarcastic, violent, tsudere, feels left out, needs a little love, feels rejected, goofy, kind and protective when warmed up to
Hobbies: painting, drawing, training, fighting(can use ANY weapon or ANY fighting style), reading and photography
Likes: sweets, darkness, music, photography, art, training, practicing with weapons, reading, running and animals
Dislikes:  silence, cheesy pick up lines, tests
What I look for in a guy:   caring, funny, sarcastic, music lover, athletic, humble((to a certain extant)), height, great kisser
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Name: Freddy Krueger
Age: 30
Species: nightmare
Bio: Killed kids for long time. One day moms dads burned down his house with him in it he died in it. The Dream Demons turned Freddy into a dream killer. Now Freddy kills teens in their dreams in Elm Street.
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((WARNING: There are trigger scenes in this Roleplay. If you aren't cool with swearing or Blood and gore, back off now.))

Setting: Forest.

Blake was running through the forest, though his pace was slowing. He stopped to take a small breather.

"Stupid [Y/N]... She didn't have to yell like that..."

He was cut short by the sound of something growling. Before he could turn around, whatever it was jumped on him, knocking him onto his back. He couldn't turn his head far enough to see what it was, though my the growling, he assumed it was a wolf. And he was right. It dug it's claws into his skin, and it felt like is entire back was being ripped off. He screamed. And it kept attacking. He could both hear and feel his bones breaking, his flesh tearing. He couldn't scream anymore. He couldn't do anything. He couldn't even breathe. He felt the wolf bite down on something, and he started to black out. The last thing he heard was a familiar voice shouting "BLAKE!!" His vision went black.

He never woke up.

Your POV, earlier that day.

Setting: Your house.


"Yes, [Y/N]?"

"Can I ask you a question?"

"Is it about my hood again?"

"Yes! Why do you never take it off? It's annoying as hell!"

"I keep telling you, you're not ready! You might not react well."

"React well to what? The top of your head?"

"I never said-"


"It's just, I don't think you're-"


And you proceeded to yell at him for quite some time. By the time you simmered down, you noticed Blake was on the verge of tears. You went to apologize.

"Blake, I-"

But he was already out the door. You headed outside after him.

"Blake, wait!"

But he was too fast. He disappeared into the forest, and you gave up and headed back to the house. You regretted yelling at him like that, and planned on apologizing the first chance you got. You knew he'd come back. He always did. And so you waited. And waited. But he didn't come back. You were starting to grow concerned. You were thinking about heading out to look for him when you heard a scream coming from the forest.

Blake's scream.

You quickly grabbed a flashlight (it was starting to get dark by now) and headed out into the forest. It wasn;t long before you found Blake being attacked by a wolf. The wolf was biting into Blake's back.


You did your best to shoo the wolf away before rushing down to Blake's side. His back was torn up. Several bones were broken, most of them ribs. He was lying in a pool of his own blood.He wasn't breathing-

Oh shit. He wasn't breathing.

Quickly you grabbed his arm and checked his pulse. Nothing. He was dead. You couldn't take the shock of it and began to cry. You cried and cried and cried. After a while of crying, you looked back at him. You noticed his hood was still intact. You thought maybe you could take a small peek. So you reached up and took his hood off.

You were greeted by a pair of cat ears.

You couldn't believe it. This whole time, he had been hiding the fact that he was a neko. This was what he was hiding from you.

You started to hate yourself for yelling at him for such a thing. Then, maybe, he wouldn't have run into the forest in the first place. But it didn't matter now. He was dead. And you began to cry again.

Fast forward.

Setting: Various.

It had been three year since Blake had died. You were 19 now. It wasn't until a year ago that you stopped hating yourself about Blake's death. But you still visited the cemetery every week. You would find Blake's grave and sit there Sometimes in silence, sometimes talking to him about your day. You missed him. Your best friend. Your crush, for heaven's sake.

It was one of these weekly visits to the cemetery that changed your life.

You had reached the cemetery, but something was different about it. You could hear something. It wasn't all that clear, but it was coming from the same direction as Blake's grave. As you got closer, you could make something out. No... someone. In front of Blake's Grave, someone was weeping. They looked about 16, but you couldn't make out much else. It was probably Blake's little brother, Evan. He had been hit just as hard as you had, maybe even harder since he lost his only brother. You got even closer, and you could see what he looked like now. Dark brown hair, a yellow hoodie with the hood down- hold up. Were those cat ears? There was even a tail, too. Wait... No, it couldn't be. But the sobbing confirmed it. You'd know that voice anywhere, even after 3 years.


You refused to believe it. But it was him. He looked the same as the day he died. He had his face buried in his hands. He looked up at his own gravestone, tears falling to the ground.

Blake: "Oh, [Y/N]... If only you could see me... Then, maybe, just maybe..."

This confused you. You could see him, clear as day. What was going on here? Was this a prank? Was he for real? How would you react to this?

((HOLY CRAP that took forever.))
((Also, HOORAY, my writing block is gone!))
((Hello, and welcome to my greatest work yet! I worked this out for two hours in my head. Not even kidding.))
((Surprisingly, this genre of Roleplay (romance) is actually not my best at writing out. I usually do fantasy (which I've out a little into here with the whole neko thing.) or horror (also in here with the ghost stuff.).))


((Female required. 19 years old. Any species, though preferably human.))
((Be de-scrip-tive! 4-6 lines minimum, but feel free to go all out!))
((My character is a ghost neko based off of this profile:
((I can and will do reposts.))
((Comment "Ghosty Goo!" when asking so I know you read the whole thing.))

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name Kito Yahi
Age 16
species angel
likes music,soccer,drawing,writing,owls,cooking
dislikes haters traitors owl hunters


name soren
age idrk
type Barn Owl
likes rats and my cooked vole,reading ((he reads and speaks))
dislikes cougars,seagulls,alot of stuff so etc..
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Name: Mizuki Koshikoi

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Weight: 103 pounds

Height: 5"3

Eye Color: Light blue

Hair Style and Color: White hair that is really long,soft, and thick.

Likes: Cats, music, love, dreaming, and her mom.

Dislikes: Vegetables, dogs, girls, mean people, and attracting attention.

Parents: Her mother was a Neko/human who was unknown, she died when Mizuki was only 5. Her father was someone she never met.

Species: Neko/human.

Personality: Shy, Quiet, "invisible", depressed, and imaginative.

Sexuality: Straight.

Bio: Mizuki is a very unsociable awkward shy girl, who doesn't have any friends. Her mother past when she was little, and has no clue where or who her father is. People always bully her because she's not like the others, neko girls uncommon where she is.
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Name: Frost
Age: 18
Species: Human
Bio: Frost is 18 years old and has lived alone for most of those 18 years. He was abandoned as a kid. He grew up fighting for food and places to live which means he is pretty good at fighting. He is also pretty good with technology and well, he is also a lover. He could never harm a woman. It is one thing he is against. Now he is trying to find his parents and trying to find the love of his life.

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Anyone else like clowns?
Originally shared by ****
I don't want any blood on my hands

Frost has been at schools for a couple weeks now and not fitting in with anyone at the school so he is always working alone, eating alone, and just seems lonely. Well today you came up to frost at the beginning of the day and said to him...

(Closed for +Rin Kagamine​)

And the rifht place for me finally home

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