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Sad News
Hi all,

With I heavy heart, I'd like to share that our guildee Kelly (Gargantua Kesrelhaut/Meket) passed away last Thursday (1/31/19) after a three week battle with sepsis. For those of you that got a chance to interact with him, Kelly was always there to help run dungeons, share mats, and chat. He will definitely be missed.

Please keep Savannah (Josslinn in her many forms) and his family in your thoughts and prayers as they mourn their loss.

The memorial information is at

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Happy New Year everyone.. may 2019 be a healthy, joyful and peaceful year for you and your loved ones. :)

The WoW Tours Discord server is being spammed by dating sites. I don't have permissions on I would have deleted them myself.

While on the topic of Discord. are there any plans for the community to migrate before G+ disappears?

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If you are interested, EDUCAUSE is doing its last tweetchat on Reality is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World this Wed Nov 21 at 630 pm ET.

If it's been awhile since, you watched Jane McGonigal's original TED Talk, you probably have a little time.

If you like knowing the questions ahead of time, here's the link or if you prefer that feeling of tackling the quest without prior knowledge, just show up at 630 pm ET with the hashtag Read4Games.

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Lots of news as the teaser trailer and beta signup have been released for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite from Niantic and WB games! Head over to and sign up!

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If you are interested, please join us with EDUCAUSE

Today (Wed) November 14 at 630 pm ET there will be another Reality is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World book club tweetchat using the hashtag #Read4Games. Chapters 7 - 10 will covered. For more information go to

Here’s the tweetchat questions for this week:

• Introduce yourself. What are your passions and interests around games? Do you identify as a gamer, an educator or both?
• What was the last game you played (or are currently playing)?
• Games are a powerful social arena, what can they teach us about socially engaging our students in an educational way? (Ch 5)
• How can AR/VR/XR be authentically implemented in a learning setting that maintains both the academic rigor and the “fun” engagement? (Ch 7)
• How can games (gamification, gamified learning experiences) be faithfully utilized in a professional development, onboarding, and even combined with micro-credentialing for both faculty and staff? (Ch 8)
• Why are “strangers” easier to collaborate, or “play,” with in a digital/online environment? (How can games help in removing social barriers?) (Ch 9)
• What's your biggest take-away from today's discussion?
• Who should win tonight's award for "Master of the Twitterverse?"

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😂😂😂 Game over!

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Ingress Prime has arrived with the launch of the Ingress Prime scanner. Come join me in the Enlightened!

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Regarding the new Ingress Prime push: It is an upgrade to legacy Ingress. Once updated, you will not have access to legacy Ingress. If you still need to do portal submissions or you are going to a November anomaly, you may want to delay the update. Note that you may need to disable auto-updates to not have it push through.

I've been in the beta for Ingress Prime and can answer questions. There is also a video at the relaunched site.
Ingress Prime
Ingress Prime
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