Hi gang, long time no post. I've been hanging out in other servers, oh so slowly leveling my panda. Loving the latest expac when my internet lets me. :)

I've been chatting away in the Women of Warcraft FB group and there's a surprising number of educators in there. I've been directing them to IB, though they're on other servers. Not sure exactly how to get past that if there's no inter-realm connections.

Overall, it's a fun group if anyone wants to poke around--a lot less toxic than most of the other WoW FB gangs.

Lessons learned whilst leveling in BfA
Hi all, I hope you are having fun exploring the new content or for some, continuing to quest and explore Legion. I figured I'd type up some of my thoughts that have popped up while I've been playing. Feel free to share yours.

So far, BfA has been a pleasant experience. I really like the new zones and the Black Panther vibe of the Zandalari, #ZandalariForever! Zuldazar has become my favorite zone because of all the Aztec / African / Dino feels. It's very Thunder Isles. Though, I really want the Alpacas in Voldun to be a mount or pet at some point. lol

I'm also enjoying the decentralized questing aspect of the new xpac. The developers really seem to have focused on the exploration aspect for those that are not interested in the World PvP. So I've had a lot of fun just running willy-nilly all over the zones.

So my take ways have been:
1) Don't bother with the elites until you are 120 as the gear is m'eh.
2) Find the boards in Voldun and have some fun sand sledding!
3) Feel free to indulge in your non-linear self and run around and explore.
4) Do your War Fronts as they open up starting at 112, you'll have to do them anyway to open up the world questing at 120 and they are easier at lower levels.
5) Persistent chat has been awesome, love seeing the chat I missed from my guildees and posting replies to questions.
6) This definitely seems a good patch for a social guild like ours. Lots of things to explore, chat about, and team up on.

See you all online!

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In case anyone else who might have their system die and would like to recover all that time & effort spent customizing addons... I can confirm this worked

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For those looking to Level Fast
Hi all, Found this resource for those of you wanting to level all the way up on the first day! .. you know who you are! lol.. Also a good guide for everyone as they level regardless of your pace. :D Lots of great tips and tactics for success.

Of course this is all based on Beta! So things may change. Happy Leveling!


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Blizz's Cinematic's game is strong this expac
Another really well developed and executed cinematic. Gives a good summary of Sylvanas origins and also explains her permanent smoky eyes and running mascara. Make sure you get your Bat (Horde) or Gryphon (Alliance) mount this week as the night elf capital is burnt. Question is what horde city will be raised in retaliation. Two more weeks till xpac!


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Patch day Reading
Hi all, as you wait for today's patch to load, check out the patch notes https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/news/21959894/battle-for-azeroth-pre-patch-notes (Really do not understand the Overwatch image on this link lol)

There are lots of changes coming to Azeroth as we lead up to the Aug release of the next Expac. There will be new quests, talents, and tools for us to explore.

The activities will start next week on 7/24 and then new content will be unlocked in the three week leading up to the 8/14 launch of Battle for Azeroth. There is going to be a "WAR MODE" so for those of us that are more pvp oriented. So it's looking like this expac will be more pvp focused than the last few. So time to sharpen up those fast twitch fibers and hand eye coordination. :D

See you online.

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Fun weekend for the Pokemon Go community! Articuno raids for three hours yesterday and abundant Squirtles for Community Day today. And I got a perfect Regice legendary Pokemon from a raid today! Also did some trading to work on the Pilot Badge for long-distance trades. Pokemon Go is alive and well!
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We started reading Learning Transported, an ISTE book on AR and VR https://www.iste.org/resources/product?id=4099. Even if you are not reading the book you can join in with us on the discussion. Use the #istebook hashtag. It is a slow tweetchat so you can always catch up with us. Other hashtags we are using are #ARVRinEDU and #iste18.

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I'm going on vacation out West for a couple of weeks, so I may put my account on hiatus until I get back.

For a last hurrah, I put my Alchemist/Herbalist shaman and my Miner/Jewelcrafter to work getting the materials and recipes to make a Jade Panther. I know it is a little old school, but it was fun getting back to Pandaria - and not being afraid of any of the mobs!
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