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In Fiore there are many guilds. One of which being the famous Fairy Tail guild. But a new dark guild is rising in power, Jade Shadow led by Daraha. Daraha's brother hates the way Daraha treats people and seeks to overpower his guild and bring peace. His guild is Winters Wing.

Joinable guilds

~Jade Shadow
~Winters Wing
~Fox Heart
~Phantom Ghost


~Please ask to join someone's fan made guild
~No dragon slayers, god slayers, or devil slayers
~No spoilers to the canon anime
~No op characters.
~Ask before making your own guild
~No children of canon characters, your oc must be completely fan made
~No sexual stuff, keep that to a pp
~No killing other people's characters
~No unrelated posts
~Respect everyone on here
~Make an oc before rping
~Masters are the strongest characters on here so no other sort of mage can beat them
~Ask if you wish to have an Exceed (flying cat)
~No normal mage can beat an S class
~Only 2 S class wizards per person
~Wait for approval before rp

(please tell a mod or owner if anyone breaks these rules)

Profile template

Loyalty rating: (the characters loyalty to the guild out of 100)
Class: (S class being the highest available. Normal is just stated as normal)

(Feel free to add any extra info)

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Love an important thing to life... But death is also important... Death is a great adventure... So don't be scared to die...! You have love by your side as well...

Name: Calista Amour
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Guild: Rouge Wizard
Loyalty rating: 200%
Magic: Death Magic
Death Pillars
Death Bullets
Death bomb
Friends: OPEN
Family: OPEN
Crush/lover: OPEN
Class: Unknown
Bio: WIP
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◻Slight changes◻
Even the toughest of people cry... They feel pain and sorrow... But that doesn't change who you are... Rely on your positivity and determination...
Name: This mage is known as Gin Akiyama, the master of Ghost Phantom
Age: Gin is only 26 years old
Gender: Gin is acts a lot like a boy, but she has the looks of a young healthy woman... For sure she's a female
Guild: Gin is the master of the guild known has Ghost Phantom
Loyalty rating: Gin's is 100% loyal... Maybe even more... She's loyal to other guilds, citizens, but mostly the members of her guild
Magic: _*Gin is a Air/Wind mage... Her magic is extremely dangerous, even without magic she can be deadly
Wind Wave*_
"Wind Wave is lost magic what only she's known to possess... It's a wave what can appear to be like a tsunami made out of wind, what has an inescapable force... This spell can lead to deaths... It's nearly impossible to stop, therefore if you get hit by it, it's hello heaven... She hasn't been seen using this spell for many years"
Winds Creation
"Winds Creation allows the user to create whatever the wish out of air, including; Wind blades, Wind... Everything... Even buildings if she wants! Disclaimer: This is lost magic"
And Many other powerful spells what will be revealed in RPs
Friends: Gin doesn't seem to have any friends, and avoids having any
Family: Her family is unknown to everyone
Crush/lover: Gin doesn't have a lover or crush yet... She hasn't found any attractions to Anyone
Class: It is the 3rd wizard saint.. So for now I'll just put her into S class ((I will change it when the limit changes))
Bio: Bio is yet to be revealed
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Death is only the next step to life... So why not die...? That's what I was told...

Name: Lake Leroy
Age: 16 ¼
Gender: Female
Guild: Daìmonas
Loyalty rating: 84%
Friends: None so far
Family: Deceased/Open
Crush/lover: Deceased/Open
Bio: Lake grew up alone from a toddler. She was ignored by everyone who surrounded her. Until one day she ran into a lovely lady who was a member of Winters Wing. She took Lake in and fed her... Nursed her... Clothed her... It was amazing. Years passed with Lake in Winters Wing. But she started to feel alone and unloved. When the woman who love her was killed... Lake couldn't handle much more. So she took a quest... And never returned... She faked her death by running away from her problems. Her appearance changed threw the years. She ran into a dead end... Meaning that she ended up like she started off... She remembers guild members talking about Daìmonas... So that's where she went... And they accepted her... She stayed secretive and unknown... Only the master knows her power... And trust me... You DON'T want to mess with her...
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"My eyes are clouded with only the idea of power... I am not weak... I will be strong like he was..."

Name: Jakara Nightwillow
Age: 17
Gender: male
Guild: Daímonas
Loyalty rating: everyone thinks it's about 26 but actually he's 100 loyal
Magic: Hell flames
Friends: he doesn't have any
Family: all dead
Crush/lover: open
Class: normal
Bio: Him and his father have been in the guild for a long time. But when he was 13 his father died on a mission and he changed entirely. Jakara used to be a fun loving kid with a wild imagination, but now he's a cold hearted jerk to others. Really he does care, but he just doesn't show it for many reasons. He hates authority and will want to fight literally anyone. Magic comes from the heart, but he's forgotten and just strives for power to not seem weak. And because of that he will not get any stronger till he opens his eyes once again. He also never showed his face after his father's passing. What he needs is to feel loved and help to be pulled out from the darkness.

((closed to +4KDefined))

Jakara walked into the guild hall and sat down at a table. His cloths were stained in blood. As usual he was quiet, he always looked grim and nearly soulless. He sighed and grabbed a large mug of beer and chugged it down. Usually he'd only have one mug when he was like this, but he just kept drinking more and more.

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"Welcome to Phantom Ghost..."
"We're Phantom Ghost... We're not really dangerous if you think about it... Were neither a dark or light guild... We'll help any guild with missions... The master of this guild is Gin Akiyama... She's young and loyal master...this guilds rules are strict and you must follow them.."
1 "Never defy other guilds... Dark or light..."
2 "If you ever want to battle someone tale it outside..."
3 "Never share info about this guild to outsiders..."_
4 "It us strictly forbidden to battle with other guilds without the master"
5 "If you even try to challenge the master you'll get a lot of broken bones..."
6 "In this guild we do not allow unsocial guild mates... As well as members who bully others..."
7 "If you wish to take on a quest you must ask the master for her permission..."
"That will do our rules... This guild is located in E.W part of Fiore... Ghost Phantom will not interact with other guilds, unless the masters have a talk to talk... We can't wait to have you apart of our guild"

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Name: Hana Maraz
Age: 24
Gender: female
Guild: Fox Heart
Loyalty rating: 100
Magic: Arch of time
Friends: Elia and her fox
Family: unknown
Crush/lover: unknown (Farkor but no one knows about them being together)
Class: Master of Fox Heart and a wizard saint
Bio: Not much is known about her. In fact she hides her identity so no one knows who she really is. No one knows that she's the master of Fox Heart or that she's a saint. But when she shows her true form then everyone knows. But there is literally no info about her past. The second pic shows her true form. She is also the most powerful person known to have arch of time.
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XD Just pretend he's 17
Name: Oku Nerel
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Guild: Winters Wing
Loyalty rating: 100%
Magic: Water magic
Friends: Open
Family: Winters Wing! his actual family his dead unless anyone wants to be his sibling
Crush/lover: Open
Class: S class
Bio: He was left on the streets as a child and had to learn to live of what he could find. The guild master found him and took him in. After many years he finally started to accept Winters Wing as his home and family.

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Name: Elia (she hides her last name cause she hates it)
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Guild: Fox Heart
Loyalty rating: 60
Magic: Earth magic
Friends: She's too shy
Family: Passed on
Crush/lover: Open
Class: normal
Bio: She ran away from her mean parents and stumbled upon Fox Heart. ever since then she's trained and trained to show that she isn't weak.
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