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HI everyone! Hopefully most of you guys have got Sun and Moon by now, so I want to know how far you guys are into the game :) Also, I know this is a pretty inactive community, but please refrain from posting spoilers. My good friend Sitruc hasn't played the game yet, and I assume plenty others are in the same boat. Thanks for that!

Starting from next year, I'll be trying extra hard to be as active as possible! I know I've said that several times before, so I understand if no one believes me at this point.

When I started this community, I did a few giveaways, but I've felt like I've been forced to make a giveaway every week or so. Even up to the point when people ask when the next giveaway will be. If you only want constant giveaways, this isn't really the community for you lol. Just gonna put that out there.

I don't mind if we have very few members, as long as hopefully we can all be brought together through Pokemon, I mean, that's why communities are successful after all.

It'll be hard to adjust this Pokemart to Gen 7. We all ask for patience, as we try to build up bp to be able to trade items from the battle tree in Sun and Moon. Thank you for your understanding, and we hope you'll continue business with us here at the Pokemart!

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Those of you with SUN/MOON or any GEN 6 game, this is for you!

Looking for a specific item in the game, but it just costs too much BP? Or maybe you need items you only get a limited amount per game?

Well, look no further! We here at the Spear Pillar Poké Mart will (hopefully!) be of immediate service!
We will be able to provide items such as:
- BP Items! (including obtainable Mega Stones as well!)
- Evolutionary items, such as Ice Stone, Razor Claw, etc.
- Lucky Eggs and Amulet Coins!
- PP Max! (Limited supply!)
- Master Ball (Limited Supply!)
- Apricot Balls!

These are considered trades as we cannot accept real money. However, a few of us are happy enough just to trade for Rare Balls*!

If there are any inquiries, PM me! Any requests, please leave them in the [Active Requests] category in this community!

Thanks for your continued support!

*Rare Balls include:
- Fast Ball
- Level Ball
- Lure Ball
- Heavy Ball
- Love Ball
- Friend Ball
- Moon Ball

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1st - +Sitruc Lui
2nd - +Mason ThePokemonMaster
3rd - +Kazato Kazuma

HAPPY NEW YEARS! I know it's a little late, it's already the 3rd where I live, but eh.

There will be 3 winners, 1st place gets a prize of his/her choosing, 2nd place gets a choice between the latter 2, and 3rd place gets the remaining prize. In the unfortunate event that only 2 members enter (which as much as I don't want to admit, I haven't done a stellar job with managing this community), first place will get all 3 prizes.

Winners will be announced in a new post, as well as in this one.

GIVING away:
- 1 SHINY Rowlett
- 1 SHINY Litten DONE
- 1 SHINY Popplio

Each will be holding either:
- Gold Bottle Cap or a regular Bottle Cap
- Master Ball (or any ball of choice)
- Any gen 7 Mega Stone

Typically, all members of this community are entered, however, due to inactivity of this community, members must +1 this post to be entered. Sharing this post doesn't gain any more entries, but it very much appreciated!

GIVEAWAY will end on the 5th of Jan, so not too long from now.

There's a Pokémart at Spear Pillar?? LOL

does anyone have a power herb i need one im willing to trade

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RNG has kindly given me 2 numbers.
#76 - Golem
#617 - Accelgor

I will build and test thoroughly the most voted Pokemon. Feel free to comment below any ideas I could work with, or any gimmick you want to see done with these Pokemon :)

Results and Builds will be posted in the "PCS" section. Check it out for possible interesting builds you might want to test, or even improve upon!
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#76 - GOLEM
Poll option image

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I want to know, how many of you are still active (G+ and/or Pokemon)?
If you are still active, please let me know by choosing any of the 2 options below.

If I can get a good number of people here, I can start proper giveaways of rare (events or just shinies in general) and possibly Battle Ready (BR) Pokemon. Not to mention, I'll be a lot more active as I know there are people to talk with ^_^

Now that that's sorted, what do you guys currently think of each of the new starters (comment below)?

Rowlett (Grass) - I personally love this the most, it's so cute :3
Litten (Fire) - I think this is a pretty generic choice, but I do like the design regardless :P
Popplio (Water) - I think the design is interesting. Not a big fan, but it could turn out to be great once it evolves :D

People who vote will be entered into a small giveaway (ENDS in 3 days) to win a shiny West-Sea Shellos:
- Lv.1, Bold and Storm Drain
- Perfect HP, DEF, SPE
- Clear Smog, Fissure, Sludge and Yawn (all Egg Moves)
- Holding any BP item of your choice, Master Ball, PP Max, or a Lava Cookie (because it's a cookie)
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This is long overdue, forgive me :|

I really apologize, but I haven't had time to test this thoroughly, but so far, I've had fun battles. (Remember, these are for fun, not optimized for competitive play).

Attempt 1.
Toxic (or Wisp) - BWAKTF (because we all know that's fun)
EVs - 248 HP, 8 ATK, 252 SPDEF
Nature - Careful (+ SPDEF, - SPATK)
- Toxic (we want continuous damage, and Toxic hurts)
- Wrap (Traps Pokemon in, perfect for racking up Toxic)
- Dig (A psuedo protect to stall further)
- Protect (It's protect.)

I've actually only successfully pulled it off once (lol), but the aim is to use Wrap first. This traps the opponent in for a couple of turns.
Afterwards, use Toxic. Toxic is great, because it inflicts bad poison (aka, damage done by the poison increases each turn unless if it swaps out).
Once that's done, you alternate between Dig and Protect, to try to avoid attacks and getting KO'd before you KO the opponent's Pokemon.

Summarising thoughts:
I thought this was a fun set to work with. Unfortunately, I haven't had that much testing with this, so it could definitely be better than how I've used it. I also haven't optimized a team to work with this "strategy", so that is also a reason why it hasn't worked too well.


I've decided that I'll be off G+ (hangouts included) for a couple of weeks (maybe days, maybe months).
Thanks for understanding.

I need to take a huge break from the internet. People and communities here are very stressful to me. Being on here is just too much for me.

I've decided to gift someone a Pokemon when I come back. It'll be one that has huge sentimental value to me, so I hope the receiver takes care of it. It's not cloned, bred personally by me.

Bye for now, I'll be back soon :)
Thanks everyone for being with me.
I love you.

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Pokémons for trade, all shiny, some are competitive

LF: Competitive jolly/adamant sheer force or jolly sand force Landorus, shiny or not

Competitive shiny Gigalith or any of it's pré evolutions, with sand force, careful, impish or adamant, shiny only

Competitive shiny Purrloin/Liepard, with prankster, adamant, again shiny only

And offers 
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