A case where spear-phishing (unprotected or incompletely protected email servers) is the primary infiltration vector.

Reach out if you are interested in a complete (product, ongoing services) solution for fighting against these attack types in order to protect your customers.


As we're getting close to the end of 2016, we owe you an Axigen X1 status update — so please read on.

Axigen X1 has been under extensive testing for the past 8 weeks. As the QA stage got longer than we had initially estimated, we decided to push the launch to Q1, 2017.

We don’t yet have the date set in stone, as this is heavily dependent on the closure of our final QA process. Once we get a more clear timeline, we’ll update our roadmap page on the website.

Thank you for being an Axigen customer and we wish you a great 2017!

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Axigen was a proud sponsor of the World Hosting Days Event this September.

I had the opportunity to meet with Hosting Industry Executives from 17 countries.

The hosting industry is so dynamic and full of people looking to provide the best cloud service to their customers that cover as much as possible from the regular business day of SMEs: web page builders to empower businesses to tell their story, e-shops to help them grow their business, webmail tools to make written communication with suppliers and customers lean and mobile. 

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Axigen X brings IPv6 and per-Domain Branding with the capability to host multiple SSL enabled WebMail virtual hosts on the same IP address (thanks to the SNI support).

Some of our Axigen beta testers report that X "works perfectly and 40% of our email terminates on IPv6 natively and the other 60% on IPv4"

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Axigen: From 8 to iX and forward to X

Axigen 8 was first released in March 2011 and 5 years later, this March, we will release Axigen X. This deck is giving a short overview of the things that changed in Axigen iX since v8 and the things that you will find in the upcoming major release: Axigen X.

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We are pleased to announce the release of a new minor version, Axigen 9.0.2

This version comes with a few enhancements and bug fixes, as well as support for Microsoft Outlook 2016.

For a detailed list of what's included in 9.0.2, please consult https://www.axigen.com/press/product-releases/axigen-releases-version-902_89.html

* Please note that, according to our technical support policy, only the current major Axigen version and the one preceding it are supported (i.e. at this moment, only the 9.0.x and 8.2 product versions are eligible for receiving technical assistance).

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According to the "Email Statistics Report, 2015-2019" issued by The Radicati Group, "In 2015, the number of business emails sent and received per user per day totals 122 emails per day". See the breakdown in their Executive Summary of the report.

Is you experience similar? Do you agree with these numbers?

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"The overall email spam rate further declined in June, dropping below 50 percent, to 49.7 percent." via +Symantec 

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Axigen X (v10) Preview: The upcoming mobile WebMail. Tell us what you think
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