Name: Maya Taylor 
Age: 18
Sexuality: Straight
Gender: Female
Hair color: Reddish-brown
Eye color: Ice Blue
Height: 5'6
Weight: 118
Hobbies: Hanging with friends, writing, filming, and soccer, magic
Likes: Rainy days, fashion, Youtube, chocolate milk, and shopping
Dislikes: People who think they are the best and attention seekers
Weapons: Dual sais
Power/Abilities: Con artist, martial artist, and can run really fast
Bio: Similar to other 'superheros', Maya was born with certain abilities. She chose to hide her abilities and live a normal life, but sometimes used her abilities for fun things in private. They came in handy every once in awhile. When Maya was 10 her parents died in a fire. She was sent into foster care where she eventually ran away and ended up living alone, having plenty of time to master her abilities. She was able to retain any martial arts skill, was an expert at conning people, and had super speed. She is now 18 years old and has been somewhat of a vigilante. Though her name is Maya Taylor, she goes by Checkmate. 

Is this community dead?

Hi, I'm Petra (gender bent Pietro, don't judge). I'm new here.

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Peoples please make characters

I am new. Why isn't anybody posting?

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So my character is Jessie Stark and she is super sweet but will kill you with her suit if needed. She does not want to be called "iron girl, iron woman, or lady iron." She takes after her father in everything but people skills and the big ego. Her boyfriend is Evan Rogers the only child of captain America. Make up avenger children but stark and Rogers are taken and you can make characters that are not part of the avengers but are the kids friends. Evan and Jessie are both thirteen years old
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