Temer resigns, elections will happen

Jair Messias Bolsonaro (Far-Right politician) wins the elections and turns Brazil into a dictatorship

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Chicago becomes the new capital after Clinton dies from a heart attack on a bumpy plane ride into Los Angeles. I become the new leader and change the flag to this:

Thai Civil War starts over the no military junta rebels for more fair democracy

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Game started

Bolsonaro begins with investing in military and legalizes the people to have weapons

I am Thailand

I am Brazil

Me be Roosia

Prologue: November 2016 - September 2017
Trump is defeated in the 2016 Election and Hillary Clinton becomes president.
However, UK leaves the EU but starts crumbling as riots start in cities like Edinburgh and Glasgow. Northern Ireland gains independence but Ireland take action and invades N. Ireland. Turkey declares war on Kurdistan without stating why and votes start about if Turkey should be kicked from NATO. North Korea launches about 20 missile tests per month and USA threatens NK to stop testing missiles because most of the test are taken place near Guam and Okinawa. S. Korea threatens NK that they will declare war if a missile lands near South Korea's territories. Japan then sends their navy to the Ryukyu Islands.
What will happen next? The choice is yours!
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