So here's this idea that I've had for like a really... REALLY... REALLY long time But nobody has ever really answered it, not even really me. So... how would you know if you were in your next life? It's scary because you wouldn't know that you'd died or anything, you'd be in a totally different body with no old memories and stuff. And so who knows if everyone in the world isn't just a different you? Well, THAT part was extra. But I was just thinking... how do you know if you're living right now? Could this all be a memory? I don't know how to phrase it exactly... do you get what I mean? -_______________-

Read Wizard of Oz... now think of what Dorothy did...
Summary somebody else wrote: A girl travels to a faraway land, killing the first person she meets. She then teams with strangers to kill again.
Unintended, but true.

Written By stellarce on reddit:
We weren't supposed to go outside but we didn't have a choice. People depended on us, needed us to scavenge supplies for our small underground colony. The light outside was cruel after being shielded for so long, and it brought with it a fear settling so deep that once again we wanted to return to the safety of the darkness below. The thick scent of rotting bodies filled the air, the vibrant lives that had once inhabited this world were gone and left behind was something reminiscent of a time that would never return. We were the few survivors, the only humans left and the minority while our world was overrun with parasitic creatures that took our lives, took our homes, and took our sense of safety. We were the broken, a family formed from the fragments of original families. We had all experienced loss when we had all had somebody to lose. It was a horrible world to live in but our only options were to survive as we were or lose ourselves entirely to the parasites that had taken over our world and become part of the destruction ourselves.

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