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Hello everybody, and welcome to the community!
Rules for this community
1. This is a community for Autobots!  No Decepticons will be allowed to join, so don't even bother asking me.  Keep your posts limited to things having to do with the Autobots (no funny gifs or pictures of Decepticons, please).
2. Keep it PG rated!  No swearing.  (In English, anyway.)  I don't mind things like OMP or other Cybertronian words or expressions.
3. No being rude to other members, in any way.
4. This is not a rule, so much as a request: Can we please avoid stupid, pointless arguments over things that are really not important? Please?
5. No unrelated reshared posts (for example, the travelling tomato).
6. Post in the correct categories.
7. Have fun, and obey the rules!
Thanks for your cooperation!

Hey +master chief  please change your name back to Optimus Prime.  You have broken one of the rules by changing characters.  Thanks!

+General lee please change your name back to Bumblebee.  You have broken one of the rules by changing characters.  Thanks!

To all moderators!  If someone asks to join and they are not an Autobot, do not let them join!  If you aren't sure, send me a private post.  Thank you!

((Open RP))
while chained up in the Decepticon base I'm not telling you anything, Megatron!  No matter what you do to me!

Hey, +jazz transformers , what are you doing right now?

Hey Autobots, who's online right now?
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