If love were a game, I'd be you're player 2.
Loving you with all the lives you got.
No matter how many times you fall,
I'll always be there to pick you back uppppp~.
Upppp~  Back uppppp~
Now it's time time for us to move.
To beat called lifeeeeee~
To love with our mighttttttt~
I know you'll be alrightttttt~
sudden dramatic tone Cuz I got you're back
Baby, I got your back
I'll push you back on your feet.
Even if you run out of lives,
You'll be alrighttttt~
I'll give you mineeeee~
And we'll shineeeeeee~
Like a bullet.
Like a bullet, we will speed past you
Leaving you in the dust
Try to follow if you can,
But I doubt you'll catch up.
I'm in love with this boy right here,
Trying with all his might to push through.
He is my weakness where I am his strength.
While standing next to him hand in hand,
Until we reach our destined place in life.
We speed on through.

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My head is like an endless road that I have to keep walking on, not knowing why and how but knowing that I have to keep walking. Nothing's making sense the way it used to. Problems have no solutions, good things aren't as easy to come by, and life is much harder than it used to be. The days are shorter and the homework longer. The grades dropping, piles just getting higher, and tears dropping. Why are things like this, I don't understand. My head won't work unless I can solve it. Everything's running amuck in my head. I sudden can't pay attention and the deadlines keep coming but are always missed due to the unsettling in my head. Please help me, please help escape from the nightmare that is called my head. Help me. Escape from this dread.

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Lol but s/he name isn't Tom lol. I put that as a joke. S/he's name is Pip!!
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Heeeeey everybody! (Lol thought of Sardonyx there) If you have friends that are artists and/or storywriters then invite them here! This place is safe and welcoming new guests/members! 🙂
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