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Name: Skeleton Huntmon

Age: ???     I'm skeleton you know that.

Gender: male     Didn't you heard my voice, seriously.

Crush: what? I have no crush on anyone.

Job: I trying to thinking...maybe school, I guess.

Powers: moving power, bones power, and Flaster

Likes: Hot Sauces, relax+chill, anything, and kid(Frisk)

Dislikes: In different timeline Determination Kid

Bio: You don't want to know, so don't ask this!. sigh sorry about that.

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Name: Skeleton Huntmon

Age: long ages in glitch game

Gender: male     Didn't you heard my voice, seriously.

Crush: wat? I know crush mean. Is that something to do with me?

Job: I don't remember

Powers: secret

Likes: Unknown

Dislikes: unknown 

Bio: I don't remember.

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Name: Huntmon the FairyFox

Age: 14,000,000 years old. (me: true age, tell her real life human)
(real me: He my dream the whole time.)

Gender: Male

Likes: anything (because of age)

Dislike: bad things and one food is pea.

Powers: any powers I know and any power I do not know.

Body Form: (me: it come from dream is me,so) Common, Uncommon, Rare, Very Rare, Epic, Legendary, and SpaceLegendary.

bio: well, travel around different planet, but prefer to stay in Earth, so I can travel back and going.

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(ShamChat pictures are her backstory))
Name: Rosey Dreemurr
Age: kid get it?
Gender: female
Likes: being with friends, practicing moves with Sans, drawing, nice greetings
Dislikes: mean monsters/humans, her friends getting hurt
Powers: summoning red and black gaster blasters, controlling your body to move in the direction she moves her hand, horns that pop out of no where
Bio: ((shamchat pictures))
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