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#Ormus : White Powder Gold, #Monoatomic Gold,Monoatomisches Gold,Fresh  #Ormus Gold...
Created  on the Night of the Full  Moon on the 15th of January 2014 using 
Ormus, #Monoatomic Gold
strict organic protocols on a mountain in Australia's beautiful Sunshine Coast Region overlooking the Pacific ocean. Imprinted with Solfeggio Arpeggio frequencies and Masaru Emoto images,made with pristine pacific sea water and organic, hand harvested, sun-dried Celtic sea salt.Each 740ml(25 fl.oz) bottle of Ormus is made using the Alchemical wet sea method by a master alchemist. My clients include  Jennifer Aniston,Audrey Tautou and Gwyneth Paltrow.
 Dosage,5 to 50mls per day,use your intuition.
We also accept Western Union money Order and Direct Bank Deposit,Contact Brendan for details using the Contact us page above, we are based in Queensland Australia .also available at ,
 Bikram Yoga Noosa 153 Cooyar St  Noosa Heads QLD 4567

 Bikram Yoga   Kawana  Tenancy 14/10 Capital Place Tenancy Birtinya Kawana Waters QLD 4575

 For All Phone Inquiries Please Contact Laverne ; USA  360-4460288  all other Countries 1-360-4460288
Same day shipping,allow 3 to 9 Days  days by Air Express Worldwide Delivery.3 Days within Australia by Australia Post Express Post Satchel.We Ship daily by Air Express too every country in the World.

Been taking ormus off and on for just over a year now. Primarily from blue water alchemy, currently working on a 8oz milk and honey. I notice that I require less sleep while taking this one. I try to take 1 teaspoon in juice twice a day. Anyone have a crazy ormus story?

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Ormus,Ormus Gold,by Alchemical Elixirs is the Worlds Finest Monoatomic Gold
We Ship Daily too all states in the USA,Canada ,Europe,Latin America & Asia by Air Express
We have a USA direct help line for all Queries call Laverne 
Washington State 
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Orders within Australia delivered in 3 Business days
Same Day Shipping World Wide by Air Express
Alchemical Elixirs uses Organic Alchemy to create its Ormus.It synchronizes Brain Hemispheres,increases Psychic ability and creates Joy,Health and longevity.Alchemical Elixirs create its Ormus,Monoatomic Gold  for Naturopaths,Herbalists,and all types of Alternative Health and Ayurvedic Practitioners around the Planet.Try it now.Buy with PayPal...  [you don't need to join paypal to use it]
Limited Designer Artisan Batch Created each Celestial  Event. Available until sold Out
"Independently Voted Worlds #1 Ormus,Monoatomic Gold by Ormus Guide"
Fresh High Potency  Ormus, Monoatomic Gold,Ormus Gold
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