Special Note: This time and even place are open to change.  If it doesn't work for you, leave a suggestion of a time and place that might.   
Two Agenda Topics: 

- We'll do a review of the meditations we've learned so far and what they do for you.  These include: 

• Progressive Count/Breathing - Increase focus by training your mind to stay in a mid level meditative state. 
• Water Method Tension Release - Find and locate places within your body where energy stagnates and release/dissolve the tension that blocks it's flow.   
• Stoking the Flame  - Bring in energy to your lower tantien with every breath. 
• Inner Smile - Bring positive energy to energy center's in your body to improve health and state of mind. 
• Five Gates & Third Eye Breathing - Learn to move energy with the ebb and flow of your breathing through the major channels of your body to increase health, sensitivity, and spiritual awareness.   
• Rising Phoenix - Cultivate Yin energy and begin the alchemical process of connecting your left and right brain, luring yang energy to your core, and opening the door to the void.   
• Embryonic Breathing - Become a vortex of energy and use this energy to mix kan and li and begin the alchemical process of building an energy body and moving your awareness into it. 
• Kan and Li Breathing - Supercharge your energy system to further the alchemical process and birth of your energy body.   
• Microcosmic Orbit (Reverse Wheel) Meditation - Move huge amounts of energy through your primary energy channel to increase it's flow capacity and fully open the 3rd eye to allow the spirit body to emerge. 
• New Stuff - I'm paying another $100 today (2/10/2014) to get a 2 hour one on one skype lesson with a guy out of Portland who practices very hard to find Taoist Kunlun Mountain meditations.  I'll share what I can, and if the last lesson I got was any kind of indicator, there's going to be some very interesting (powerful) things to share. 
Spell Planning

Come to the meeting with the top 4 or 5 things you would like to see manifest in your life.  We'll do a group compare, pick one thing, and see if we can plan a sympathetic casting for our the full moon of the 15th of March.  If you are new to spell work this is a great place to get started. 
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