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You might know me

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Quote: "I will avenge you brother"
Name:unitake cifer
Nickname: the ghost girl
Ghost in training
Likes:helping people and working with the ghost
Dislikes:royke and the federation
Abilities: stealth and snipe
Personality:very quite and mysterious
Bio: at the age ten her family was killed by ODIN destroying Los Angles she was saved by the ghost named Ajax she called him her brother ever since then but when he was killed by royke she wanted to kill him now she trains everyday to becone one of the strongest ghost alive and she keeps her face hidden because she doesnt want anyone to know who she really is....
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Name: Etho
Country of origin: Ireland
Primary: P90
Secondary: M320 HE
Age: 19
Rank: 2nd Lieutenant
Bio: An immigrant thrust into poverty in his youth by (insert conflict here), he joined the military at 16, proving invaluable in close quarters combat, with minimal weight or body armor dragging him down, though it takes less shots to kill.

NAME: Alan Mason
GUNS:  Mk. 14 EBR, Silenced M1911, Python, ACR
RANK: Master Sargent
AGE: 21

is coming with an army to fight off enemy troops

Name:Koops age:16 guns:Sniper rifle rank:Private

Guns: M16, M4, MP5, AK-47
Rank: Not sure
Name: Arian K. Abadi
Age: 27
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