As we become a 1 to 1 technology school, I am looking forward to exploring methods for myself and my students to use the technology to help each individual be successful learners.

Through personalized learning strategies, I am looking forward to providing students with more voice and choice in their learning by integrating the following strategies into my teaching: flex playlist, flipped instruction, station rotation, flexible seating, flexible pacing, choice days, learning menus, and at least one PBL unit. Also, I would like to use more proficiency-based instructional strategies (TPRS, Movie Talk, etc.) to ensure that students are provided with tons of Comprehensible Input. This will encourage students to create very personalized stories in the TL to acquire the language naturally and to be actively engaged in the learning process by assuming various roles of responsibility.

This has some incredible potential if utilized correctly, I look forward to making progress and working through the stumbling points (on both my end and the student's) to try to incorporate this into the classroom.

Looking forward to applying choices for students in their learning !

I am in the process of planning a personalized learning pilot with one class of honors students in the fall. I have done a ton of reading on the topic, but still feel lacking concrete to implement the following: engaging students in learning profiles, standards/skills progress monitoring methods, and a goal setting and monitoring/feedback process. Does anyone have actual templates or materials they could share?

I'm looking forward to using the elements of the core four in the Drivers Education classroom. +Cynthia Miller

I'm looking forward to using a more rotation based learning model to give my students a more flexible option to mastering the content. +Cynthia Miller

As I've learned more about personalized learning, I realized that I am already doing a lot of this everyday in my classroom. I'm excited to dive in deeper to PL this coming fall! +Cynthia Miller

I am excited to try to challenge myself and provide my students with a more rotation based learning style, and to give my students a more flexible option. Thanks for all the ideas!

I am excited to restructure my classroom so I can do more rotational based instruction. I am super ready to get started. +Cynthia Miller
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