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My pokemon trainer avatar
I could try and make it fullbody but idk if it would work.

Oh so I'm Mod? Well, this is unexpected...

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Thx for invite! Here are my drawings!
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So what is the genre of this?

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Didn't feel like drawing so I just did this.
My art avatar :3

(Basically me, but I don't have a red hat. Thought it looked cute)

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Joza. Type: Normal

Evolves into:

Jozangel. Type: Normal/Fairy

Evolves into:

Jarchangel. Type: Flying/Fairy.
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hi what exactly is this community for?

Hi! Thanks for the invite and promotion! I'd be happy to help! I'm going to look for the best Fakemon my brother +Amazing Ampharosā€‹ made up, and show them to you. So in the credits, please credit him by the name +Andres Gelabertā€‹. He will confirm this in the comments.

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This doesn't have to be the grass starter but the idea behind this is that it has a fire and water component and it can evolve by using a certain item and combining into a hydra creature. Ā The name i came up with isĀ majanihagedis which means leaf lizard.
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