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My pokemon trainer avatar
I could try and make it fullbody but idk if it would work.

Oh so I'm Mod? Well, this is unexpected...

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Thx for invite! Here are my drawings!
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This is the other guardian of the egg which is also a fusion of those two pokemon ... and this one is actually guarding the egg ... the other is guarding the island ...
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I'm too lazy to coloring in ... plus I have nothing to color it with
Skin tone: the same skin tone as Jahmil's
Hair color: black
Shirt: water shuriken in front, ninja blade (made of water) in the back (I always wanted a Greninja), whole shirt material color: red
Color of Glasses (which in real life doesn't have but always wanted): black
Backpack: green
Shoes: red
Type of pants: jeans
Color of jeans: bleu

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Since it's in the Caribbean I made the (nearly extinct) puertorrican parrot into a pokemon ... just something I'd thought I'd make

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Didn't feel like drawing so I just did this.
My art avatar :3

(Basically me, but I don't have a red hat. Thought it looked cute)

So what is the genre of this?

... Well i can make the legendarys ... maybe something else ... i can do anything really ... I just need to know where the movie takes place and i can make pokรฉmon ... ... ... Oh and thanks for the invite

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+Jahmil Jacobs H.โ€‹ sorry I didn't reply I was drawing this which is a guardian of the egg (there's 2) and is a fusion of the other 2 pokemon there and they got fused by glitch rays from the egg ... I'll work on the other one later
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