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Hola peeps,
So we're moving on to 2.4 for Atomic now.
Here's a pretty generic changelog :

This version includes fixes and little additions

- Added navigation bar tile
- Various fixes for clock and date customisations
- Show infinity for large notification counts
- Added omnijaws qs tile (Weather tile)
- Added battery styles
- Changed default value for columns in qs panel
- Fix brightness slider under settings/display for dark theme
- Allow vibration instead of beep for in-call-notifications
- Moved in call vibrations options to dialer settings
- Added vibrate option for every mintes in dialer settings
- Added Proximity speakerphone options in dialer settings
- New icon for snap camera
- Fixed call delay issues
- Added more tiles to default list
- Enable power save config of system apps
- Fix weird touch issues when opening app info of newly installed app
- DUI theming improvements
- Allow to hide or show date and weather - Launcher
- Add options to change grid sizes - Launcher
- Doze compatibilty under same ambient display option
- Added themes option category under settings/display
- Some performance improvements

Device side changes would be cited by maintainers themselves on their respective threads.

Have a great time !

Atomic OS comes with GodlyTorch built in

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Oh yeah! Atomic Rom, Moto g5 cedric.... Really impressed with Atomic battery life!

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Hi to all! With who I can talk to apply for official? AtomicOS for Moto G5 (cedric)

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Amazing! 0 ℅ Lag only has two bugs (G4 plus). Thanks for this build (32 bit)
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Any news what will be added in next update?

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