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Name: (She has no name everybody calls her) Zero
Gender: Female
Age: unknown
Power(s): Her power is to have instant death to anyone in a 3 yard radius. She cannot control it and it bursts out randomly.
Abilities: She can, however, control the toys children threw out and the dead. She uses this to entertain herself or to defend herself.
Anime: Nope, Zero's not from one. Why?
Rank: She was a regular member but now Zero is a loner in the forest
Crush: N/A
Mate: No one can get in a 3 ft radius of her without pretty much dieing so..... yeah
Pups: She cannot mate
Relatives: She does not remember her childhood and nobody else knows
Likes: Isolation, Nature
Dislikes: Having to kill nature everywhere she goes
Bio: Everybody was wondering about her when she joined the pack. When she accidently killed a lightning wolf, the pack banished her and she now roams in the forest.
(Lol thats it for now)

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((Open role play don't ask just join)
Zero finds shelter in a cave that seems to be empty but when she crawls inside there is a family of snakes
She runs out of the cave but Zero is stopped by a border patrol and then she is taken inside the territory

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shoutout Pllzz.

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+Fefe Felipe look they made a mario kart for the greatest number

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name: Spirit
age: 16
gender: male
mate: Jessica
family: Black Mass (father) Lulu (mother) Snowflake: (sister) Shadow (adoptive father) Rose (adoptive mother) Noel, Bruce, Leo, Jake, Mario (adoptive brothers) Lola, Alice, Savannah (adoptive sisters) Jim (adoptive grandfather) Misty (adoptive grandmother) Riku (godmother) Kurama (godfather)
likes: my family, my friends, having fun, playing with my little siblings, my pack, everyone I love
dislikes: anyone evil or rude
powers: can change size, alter reality, make dreams come true
weapons: sword of spirits, claw gauntlets
bio: Shadow and Rose adopted me when I was a little pup, and I've loved them ever since. my mommy calls me her little cutie ^^ Rilu and Kurama are always there for us.and now, my true parents, Black Mass and Lulu live with us. I love them all so much
appearance: (shown below)

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Amazing hybrid. :D

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Name: Sasha
Age: Upper teens
Gender: Female
Race: Shark
Likes: Making friends
Dislikes: Being called a monster
Bio: Sasha has a big heart for wolves
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