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Name: Kari Kurosana
Gender: Female
Appearance: Kari has brown hair and she wears a Soul reaper outfit. She has blue eyes.
Zanpakuto: Minzaru . He is a Gold Tiger with Lightning
Bio: Kari was born in Soul Society. She wears her zanpakuto on her back. Her eyes are blue and her hair is brown She doesn't like to talk about herself. So the rest of her is classified.
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Name: Kuri Misaki
Gender: Female
Appearance: Kuri has black hair and she wears a red shirt, red shirt she has red stockings and red arm gloves. She wears blue goves over the other ones. She has blue eyes.
Zanpakuto: Kaen. She is all Red and her name means (Flame)
Bio: Kuri is a human with a brother who died and became a Soul Reaper... Her brothers name is Kuro and he passed away. He has a history with Rukia and Renju
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So it looks like nothing is happening. I myself am more accustomed to RPs where the OP provides more info on a regular basis, and there are only 3 people who've posted at all.

Sakura is balancing on a wall, smiling. (Open)

How am I supposed to respond? I'm asleep.

Maiso was having a normal day in the Soul Society. By that, he meant that he woke up late, got berated by his seated officers for not working hard enough, and continued to relax. He didn't have anything planned for today, so he just planned on napping until something happened. He jumped up to the roof of his squad's barracks, and lied down to take a nap, almost hoping for something to interrupt him.

Name: Maiso Shitai
Gender: Male
Age: 220 (appearance: 28)
Class: Captain.
Division: 2
Description of Appearance: Taller than average, average build, kinda long dark hair (covers his eyes), unassuming/lazy expression. Has cloth wrappings on his arms and chest. No sleeves on his shihaikusho. Black tribal tattoos on arms (the tattoos grow based on how much he uses Corruption. More tattoos mean less sanity, and more virulent/contagious Corruption).
Description of Personality: Lazy, apathetic, and disinterested in his surroundings (usually). Easily distracted. Gets focused in a fight, but still allows his mind to wander. Surprisingly analytical. Occasionally irresponsible, but does enough work to avoid being reprimanded. Corruption brings insanity.
Name: Shinotai (She-no-tie)
Description of Appearance: Black hilt with a silver pommel, normal katana blade, guard shaped like an oval with 2 points (one protruding from the "front" and "back" of the sword).
Abilities: Corruption (anything it cuts turns black where it cut, and begins to melt/burn away from that point. Only in Shikai & Bankai.).
Shikai: Dissolve, Shinotai. Splits into two (slightly) shorter swords, wrappings tie into the pommels (allowing them to be thrown. The wrappings never run out of length.). Corruption (can shoot small amounts. Not as much as Bankai).
Bankai: Mugen no Shinotai. Both short swords turn midnight black, and can throw the Corruption (like Getsuga Tensho, but normal). Corruption. Corruption can Corrupt living things (only Bankai).

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Name: Sakura Kitsune
Age: 120, looks 15
Gender: Female
Appearance: Sakura wears her outfit almost normally except has a pale pink ribbon for the edging and a belt.
Zanpakuto Appearance: Her sword is long and the average Zanpakuto shade excepting the pinkish tinge. When in shikai, the sword goes fully pink and enhances Sakura's battle abilities by a bit.
Zanpakuto: Sakurano ken. Fly! Sakurano ken!
Bio: Sakura was born in Soul Society. She wears her zanpakuto on her waist. Her eyes are blue and her hair is black with pink bits (she takes her name very seriously). She doesn't like to talk about herself. So the rest of her is classified.

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