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Welcome to The Revolution: Roleplay where you will pick a side between the Korean Empire, or the Freedom-Fighters, whom are scattered all across the United States of the Empire, or what the Koreans have re-named the US. Here, America is a depressing place, filled with constant death rioting and looting. But before you make a character and begin roleplaying, it's highly advisable your read through all the posts:

|| History:

||Location Lore:

||Weapon/Notoriety Lore:

||Profile Template:

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|| Weapon/Notoriety System ||

In The Revolution, you can come across a multitude of different kinds of weapons and such. Whether it a Rifle, Pistol, or explosive, they're all present. But you can't just go showing your weapon around willy-nilly, now can you? In public roleplays, you can only have a pistol or very small weapon in your coat, so that no Korean Soldiers are able to see it. If you are seen in public with a weapon, you will either be shot on sight or taken to, "court" and then executed or hung. So, it is in your best to keep your weapon from being discovered.

It is also advisable that until a Freedom-Fighter were to raid an Imperial outpost, that they start off with very low, barely functioning weaponry. Like weapons they made themselves, or simply glocks that jam every other magazine load.

And if you begin to terrorize Korean Outposts, then you will gain Notoriety. The Korean Empire will begin to search for you. If you didn't cover up your face during said attacks, they will have your face put on a database, and you will be shot on sight. This is why if you're a freedom fighter, you need to use Guerilla Warfare, in and out, leaving no witnesses if you plan to fight the Empire. If you wish to take down a base, you must tag a moderator, and they will RP the NPCs.

And it would be far better if you were to earn weapons like RPGs, or mini-guns, instead of having them from the start. Not a rule, though majorly preferred. -This is all of course if you're a freedom fighter.


|| Location Lore ||

The Revolution: Roleplay, is set all across the United States. The capital of the Koren Invasion, is in Philly. Washington D.C. was bombed, and it is nothing more than a crater now. So, the Korean Supreme Leader, Kim-Jung-Ol, sits in the Red Tower, where the Dictator, and the next dictator will rule. Likewise, Philly is the most guarded place in all of the States. Like some other states, there are three zones: the red zone, where there is total anarchy. It is a wasteland, and everyone shoots on sight. The yellow zone, where most Residents reside, and Freedom-Fighters tend to blend in with the crowd, and the Green Zone, where the Rich and Elite live. It's also where the Red Tower stands.

There are a total of three free states: Alaska, Texas, and Colorado. This is mainly because these places aren't capitals, and they are largely wilderness. This allows the Resistance to hide weapons and men more easily, when they can at all. It's not like the Empire isn't trying to capture it, there is a no-fly zone set over the area of Colorado though, because Denver is the last remaining spot of the United States military, and the last place where any sort of true law exists. Texas is filled with a bunch of Hillbillies with guns, but it's also a place where High-Valued Freedom-Fighter Targets are transported to. Canada is under siege of the Empire as well, the only force keeping them safe is they're military. They didn't buy APEX weaponry, meaning the Korean's couldn't just shut them off. Canada is still same-old Canada, meaning the Korean's have no real way of getting to Alaska. Meaning Alaska is still Alaska, nothing changed there besides the fact everyone there owns a gun.

The most prominent Freedom-Fighter/Resistance locations are Boston, Philly, New Jersey, and of course, the three free states.

Half Credit to: +Artᴏʀɪᴀ Penᴅʀᴀɢᴏɴ

||Profile Template||

"Insert quote here..."






•\Physical Lore\•
{Looks & Physique}


{Blood Type}



•\Mental Lore\•
{Mental Stability}




•\Moral Lore\•

{Code & Rules}


•\Social Lore\•
{Public Image}




•\Equipment Lore\•

{Tools & Weapons} No more than three guns to start unless you're an Imperial

{Apparel & Armor}

{Misc. Items}


•\Other Lore\•



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|| Community History ||

The year is 2030, the United States are under siege by the Korean Empire, which includes all of Asia, some of Europe, and both Koreas. It all started in 1970, with the APEX-Company. Even back then they were making things light-years ahead of what we had. And it only continued.

In 2004, they came out with all sorts of goodies the US couldn’t even fathom of having. Smartphones, Tablets, hell, even their toilets were better than ours. And we couldn’t resist. We started buying whatever they could make, and eventually, we started buying their weapons. Our wars in the middle east only got worse, and America was sky-rocketing with debt. All of the oil-rigs in the Middle-East were either being destroyed or catching a-flame, causing global economic damage, we were running out of oil, and we were nearing the largest depression the US had ever seen. Mexico saw this, and closed down their borders, no other immigrants were allowed to come in. The US dollar was becoming no more than a piece of paper, and our military was scattered. We were still in massive amounts of debt. We decided to withdraw from the Middle East, they had nothing left. Meanwhile, China, and India, all were sieged by the Korean Union, South Korea, North Korea, and Japan, making the Korean Empire. Soon, all of Asia joined the Korean Empire, and they had more power than you could imagine.

The US was now under constant rioting, and looting. We were running out of resources, not food or water, but technology. Unemployment turned into a common thing, and those who had money were the billionaires, refusing to give away a cent of their money. It didn’t matter though, because of what happened next…

With a single push of a button, the Korean Empire turned off our Military. No more Helicopters, Jets and Planes. The US Military was nothing more than a laughing stock. They controlled nothing, the United States was under an Anarchic Style of Government. The Korean Empire set their sights to the United Kingdom. With the combined efforts of China, Japan, India and the Koreas, they didn’t stand a chance. The U.K. Was forced to join the Empire, and Russia joined forces with the states. Two days after this became public, all of Russia was nuked, nothing remained.

Then, Europe became under the Empire’s Control. Mexico had dropped their currency, becoming under a depression as well. The only countries in which The Empire didn’t set their sights on where Africa and South America, they were already too poor to do anything. In the year 2025, The Empire invaded America. At first, they gave everyone food, helped rebuild, then it struck. When the actual military got here, it became a Dictatorship. There were role-calls, curfews, and massive restrictions set upon the citizens. The Empire renamed the Country, “The United Empire Of America” and would kill anyone who called it otherwise.

All sorts of groups began to pop up, at first, small, and meaningless, doing no real damage whatsoever. But eventually, this all changed. By the year 2030, the resistance had made their presence known, they bombed one of the Korean Airships, which crashed into the port of Boston. The Resistance then waged war against the Empire. Will you aid the Empire in crushing the resistance, or will you fight for freedom, liberty, and justice? It’s all up to you…

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