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ok, A SKELETON in a Gold helmet
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OK, I took some time to build this and I'm wondering what everyone thinks of it.... im sorry, i cant get my video recording to work, so i took some lousy snapshots of it......
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is there anyone else waiting for more wood types? im also a fan of Grian and also waiting for clay/terracotta and more building blocks...

as well as a redstone update. the problem with pressure plates is that although you may not be standing on the block that the pressure plate is on, you still power it. i understand this is because doors are counted as two solid blocks and the pressure plate needs to be powered when the player is inside the door so that the door does not close when the player is in the door. i hope this makes sense.

btw, slimes are supposed to be able to spawn in the presence of light.

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i did some redstone testing, and found so many glitches.
pressure plates do not power fence gates. (they are meant to)
i am pretty sure that the lamp my cursor is pointing to is meant to be bud powered by the one below it. also the block that redstone dust is on is meant to be powered, so the lamp next to the right block of wool is meant to be on.
pardon, i took the wrong photo, but redstone on slabs are not supposed to be able to bring the signal down. like, its not supposed to go downwards... argh
i know this looks wrong cause the leaver is powering that slab but if you extend out the line and use a redstone torch instead there is a bug.
#4 i havn't taken a photo yet, but look out for this one in the comments below.
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hey guys there's already a villager skin id is 2204, 2202, 2201. 

hey zanzlanz why not add a new boss and a new mob like wither skeleton and wither boss

this is cool: give command_book 1 0 {command:"lightning ~1 ~", uses:"Infinity", name:"Tesla Gun"}

zanalanz pls add iron golem to the game

hey zanzlanz please add villagers in this update of mineblocks

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