Hey zanzalanz why do not you add add-on to mine blocks even if it does not change texture? Would not it be fine?

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mine blocks in mobile vercion?

Can I try to make new textures for mineblock from current ones? I just need to be able to access the game files 😁

please add the redston block

plz add local multiplayer in mineblocks (no mineblocks 2)

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Here is the picture a comment from my video "Mine Blocks - Infinite lava and acid glitch, in version 1.28" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e1uaY0cUyiE

I have a question for you. +Zanzlanz, did you forgot to change the version number after fixing glitches?
This current latest version 1.28 lasts over 2 years and still going without any updates without changing version number.

Zombie Apocalypse wins.

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¡MINE BLOCKS 1.4.34!


+Zanzlanz do you have another versions? :0
(I lost the ones that I had spent on Twitter some time ago >, ~, <)

Friends, there will be no more cards! I learned the basics of the new engine and now I will make games on it. I made cards because I didn’t know how to work on the engine! Goodbye!
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