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Hey guys!
Can you please make sure your posts are written in English from now on? It will be easier to manage the community when it's all in one language.
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¿Por favor puede usted asegurarse que sus postes son escritos en inglés de ahora sobre? Será más fácil manejar la comunidad cuando escribimos en una lengua.

Thank you! :D

Hey, I would like to know how it works to upload skins to the game since I do not have it very understood XD

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ALRIGHT. So... unfortunately Detroit project is CANCELLED.. Soo... I'll do horror. Oke?
btw plz don't be sad. 👍
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Chapter 4 will !!!! Her name is "the great mystery of joey drew"

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Asi es mi casa en Mineblock, no se si se notan, creo que si jeje

This is my house in Mineblock, I do not know if you notice, I think if hehe

can you make the spawnskin command can spawn skin that are not from id but skin from user's computer
in next update

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this game is so cool i can already die

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