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Darkening Skies, Warriors RP group

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Before we start, please take a look at these important links!

Character Sheet:

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Hello, and make yourself comfortable. Because this is just a little introduction before you get started on roleplaying in our community! As many know, I'm Squirrely, the owner and founder of this community. If you want to know when this community started, it was March 2nd, 2017. If you have anymore questions, say them in the comment section, and I might add them to here if any future members come along and have a mind full of wonder!

Moving on, to a new and different topic. Which many have been asking about, tryouts.
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Tryouts are welcome to any, but they are mostly centered around people whom I trust and have a friendship that goes long back. It also centers around people who I find very responsible. Because responsibility comes first when you have to be active with a certain rank. If you'd like to know what ranks there are before I go ahead and make a post about tryouts, please look at the roster given at the important links section above.

What are tryouts? Tryouts are for ranks that need a person to fill them in. Various people will tryout and only the owner will pick. After that, I will have a mod tryout aswell, as I stated before, I need to trust you first and prove that you have the right responsibility.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Please ask and I'll add 'em!

Art of Christine, by, Sekiira: link

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"I can't do this by myself but I will die trying"

Name hawk. This is because she killed a hawk once

Gender she cat with a cool smooth

Age 10 moons(suppose to be 1 year)

Appearance black cat with white stripes and white face. Has lavender eyes with partly yellow eyes

Personality tough cookie with a soft spot for orphans.

Sexuality bisexual and thinks that her feelings are weird

Christine I only seen her twice
Ryan he's nice
Venomheart is sassy for love

Mate n/a

Kits n/a

Mother sparrow and she died in a fire

Father dirk and he too died in a fire

Siblings I don't know

Any other kin? A dog named susan who I considered as my aunt

*Clan *n/a

Rank loner


I was a crybaby and always wined for my mother...until a blur of smoke waved in the air and my mom took me outside and then a glowing red wave was in the air I covered the twolegs nest
The dog named Susan had taken me in then.

As I got older Susan helped me survive on the streets and I soon decided to abandon her to be on my own. I wish I didnt. I did kill a has k but I also had got a bad wound that took lone to heal.


Small bird and toads
The bird pecked her and the toad hopped on her as a kit

For her parents to be alive
To see a kin if one is alive

She likes eating spiders
Hates sun bathing

(Can't tag)
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Lookie at what I'm starting~

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Guess who I'm drawing ~

(Open Rebellion rp)
Flarewing strutted into camp, rabbit dangling from her jaws. She flung it on the pile without care. After a while of staying in camp she got bored and decided to go out hunting again. She failed to catch anything but Flarewing didn't mind. She just lied down on a fallen tree trunk, paws tucked under her, sunlight warming her back.

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“I gave you love and you gave me hate!”

★ Name

☆ Current Name: Scorch
☆ Past Name[s]: Scorchfire
☆ Future Name[s]: Scorch
☆ Origin of Name: Scorch ~ Unknown^ Fire ~ Born during a fire

★ Basic Info

☆ Gender: Male
☆ Age: 15 moons
☆ Sexuality: Straight

★ Clan Info

☆ Clan: Rebellion
☆ Past Clan[s]: Dirt Rats
☆ Rank: Warrior
☆ Past Ranks: Kit, Apprentice

★ Personality

☆ Basic Personality: Loving, Lil Bit Flirtatious, Protective, Head - Strong
☆ Positive Traits: Loving, Kind, Adventurous, Quick, Fast Learner
☆ Neutral Traits: Jumpy, Protective, Joking, Gentle
☆ Negative Traits: Head - Strong, Aggressive, Bloodlust

★ Favorites/Least Favorites

♡ Favorites:

☆ Cat: Obviously Venombae
☆ Food: Mice
☆ Scent: Lavander
☆ Time of Day: Midnight
☆ Plant: Grass
☆ Place: Venombae's heart hehehehehehehehehehe

♡ Least Favorites:

☆ Cat: Any Cat who wants to take away bae from him
☆ Food: Cat OF COURSE
☆ Scent: Dirt Rats
☆ Time of Day: Morning
☆ Plant: Yarrow
☆ Place: Dirt Rat camp/territory

★ Appearance

☆ Basic Appearance: Like a brown tiger
☆ Main Pelt Color: Light Brown, Dark Brown, White, Light Grey - ish Brown, Gram cracker brown.
☆ Markings: Stripes
☆ Eye Color[s]: Yellow/Orange/Gold
☆ Inner Ear Color: White/ Faded grey
☆ Paw Pad Color[s]: Dirty Pink
☆ Nose Color: Black
☆ Scars: Some/ Not Visible, Under Fur
☆ Height: ???
☆ Length: ???

★ Associations

♡ Family

☆ Mother: Ded
☆ Father: Ded
☆ Siblings: Sis - Flarewing

♡ Clan

☆ Mentor: None
☆ Past Mentor: Some cat...
☆ Apprentice: None
☆ Past Apprentice[s]: None
☆ Friends: OPEN
☆ Crush[es]: On Hold
☆ Past Crush[es]: ???
☆ Mate: None
☆ Kits: None

★ Stats:

☆ Hunting: 8.7
☆ Fighting: 8.9
☆ Stalking: 7.8
☆ Climbing: 7.4
☆ Swimming: 5.2
☆ Herb Knowledge: 3.5

★ Other

☆ Theme Song: Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics
☆ Fun Facts:
* Was Born In Dirt Rats and left them for the Rebellions at 3 moons

★ Biography

☆ Kit:

☆ Apprentice:

☆ Warrior:

☆ Other Rank:

★ Credits

☆ Art: Character Sheet - Squirrely MaMa~ OC headshot/editing stuff - Bae= (+LynxySmozly)
☆ Template: ღ ѕ c α я l є т ѕ н α d є #mcshadeystemplate

☆ *Oc Owners:*
+LynxySmozly ~ Venomheart
+WrenFlight :3 ~ Flarewing

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Open Rp! Please ask first! And no one liners sorry

The sun was up high in the blue sky, clouds drifting in the sky, a warm breeze flew through Ryan's face as he groomed his matted fur. He grunted silently as he accidently nip his skin, he jumped up from the pain as he shook it off. He looked around camp of dirt rats, in all directions. Then he turned around to see the entrance of the alley way, he decided to take a small stroll out the camp and into the city where he knew almost every street. He heavy, big paws lead him out the alley and strolling down the street. His eyes wide and big as look around for any alley , until he caught a glimpse of an alley just a few paw steps away from him. He trotted his way there as he peered at the corner of the entrance, he saw nothing, his pupils were in slits as he looked around to see if he's not being watched. Then targeted a trash can with the lid half way covered, he smiled big as he thought in his head. "Well ain't this my luck?" He padded to the trash can as he bump he trash with his hunches, the lid fell right off, he jumped in as he closed his eyes to take a big sniff. He licked his lips as he digs in, looking for scraps that he can find.

-Art below is by +infinny-​-​ and me-
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I finished Cinder's character sheet ^-^ I'm quite proud of it actually. Now I just need to finish up her profile >.>

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||Basic Info||
Name: Flarewing
Name meaning: Flare, for the fire she was born in and wing, for her gracefulness and soft fur (like downy feathers).
Age: 15 moons
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual (50-50)
Clan: Rebellion
Previous clan: Durt rats
Rank: Warrior

||Personality Traits||
Personality: Superstitious, extrovert, loud, hot headed, gets panicked easily, NEVER SHUTS THE HELL UP, protective, thirsty for the blood of the Dirt rats.
Strengths: Her voice will be heard, she will protect her loved ones, she is very proud of herself and what she has achieved.
Weaknesses: She is a little bit too eager to fight, she doesn't think before she acts, she will sometimes go out of her way to impress someone, aggressive, impulsive.
Likes: Her family, being free, fighting, intelligence, climbing things, early mornings and late nights.
Dislikes: Fire, cats patronising her, the Dirt rats, stupidity.

Parents: Deceased
Siblings: Scorchfire
Crush: Venomheart ((she is very gay towards Venomheart but obviously Venom doesn't like her back. Rip Flarewing 2017-2017.)
Mate: Tryouts will be held
Kits: None yet
Apprentice: Open

Length of fur: Short but dense
Main Pelt colour: Dark ginger
Secondary Pelt colour:white
Markings: Tabby
Eyes: Green
Scars: None.

Hunting: 6/10
Fighting: 8/10
Intelligence: 9/10
Speed: 5/10
Swimming: 3/10
Tracking: 4/10

Bio: She was born during a fire, now she is paranoid that another fire will try and finish the job the last one started (she is very superstitious)She was born into the Dirt rats but decided to leave to join the rebellion with her brother when she saw the brutality of the group and lack of dignity.

Mentioned OC Owners: Venomheart~ +LynxySmozly​​
Scorchfire~ +xArtsy Kitt

Art: Fullbody by Sonicsans on DA
Headshot by me.

Design: Sonicsans on DA

Profile template: Me


Someone commented about a question about the profile picture. (Drawing issues)

I can't drawl. I'm a cat

I was wondering if Anyone could drawl me a picture of my self.

I can send you a picture if you could drawl her for me! I suck
If it's to much to ask for I'll have to figure out something...
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