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How to get playtest materials:

If you want to play Souls of Steel or just read through the manual, message me on Hangouts and I'll send you a link. In exchange, we're asking people who receive early playtest materials to send feedback if possible.

If you contact me, please make sure your profile has some content on it so that I know you're a real person, k? I've gotten too many requests from people with fake names and no profile pics or posts on G+. Usually it's just that they're new and haven't bothered to fill anything out, but still, it's a nice gesture, you know? ;)

Anyway be aware that this document is very incomplete - it's a skeleton that largely expects you to understand the genre and to have some familiarity with Powered by the Apocalypse games.

Souls of Steel News!

It's been a long time, and I've been away for a while getting married and moving cross country and receiving necessary medical care, but I'm back and committed to working on a new beta of the rulebook which does a better job of motivating and explaining the game.

In the meantime, since I've been away, I encourage any of you who may have contacted me over the past few weeks and not gotten a response to contact me again, preferably via Hangouts messages, to ask for access to the original beta.

I can't give an ETA on the new beta but the rules themselves won't be changing all that much, and with the new beta, I think we'll be moving into a phase where the focus will be on trying to complete the writing and start the publishing process (format TBD).

All this will be contingent on having the co-authors on board, of course, and I can't speak for them.

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I had the pleasure of running Souls of Steel online for friends this past Sunday. We opted to do a mecha anime style game full of over the top action and heroism.

We had one player drop due to sickness partially way though as well as remembering to do bonds about ~1hr into the session during the first downtime, and still had an amazing time!

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Hello folks,

I was just wondering about the status of this game. I am looking forward to seeing it develop even more.

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I had this commissioned because wyvern rider. And, it helps give people a visual cue as to what Souls of Scale is. 
I like +Timm Henson's work.

I was reading the AW hack beta of Souls of Steel, and thought, "Why not throw this in a fantasy world and see how it comes out?" So I made a hack of a hack called Souls of Scale

I could not find a good picture for what I was going for, so I paid to get one done. 

I am happy with it. 

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Hey there, I've been meaning to link this preview I've written to the community:

Also I finally found the notes I made from the session we played with the feedback I've been meaning to give. They're minor and varied.
* Rookie - The bottom left set of virtues is missing a "+" for Fire.
* The players LOVE the playbooks. The way the folds act with selecting weapons and vehicles are perfect.
* Starting Respect? What is it? Also a couple of the players wondered if there might be more ways of burning respect in-mission. It felt like they loaded up there and then got anything they wanted by burning it out of the mission. It felt like an amount of that was probably the point.
* XP - Per scene or constant? I assumed constant for this one.
* Damage - Some examples would be nice.
* One of the players asked about advanced basic moves being an option.

That's it from our first game. When my D&D 5E campaign is over it'll probably be more of this or SCUP. The group loved it and want to know what happens next, not least why they're at war with this giant spider race.

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So this happened.
My D&D game were short a player this week so we played a one-shot of Souls of Steel. It went pretty well, although there were a couple of times where I was trying to figure things out like potential damage. My group were great with Apocalypse World and Dungeon World but ten weeks of D&D may have made them backslide into wanting things like initiative. No matter what, they did well.
The group made a hover fortress which was their home, a giant spider-like race as enemies and had to fend off attackers while engineers fixed their ship to fly. Some of them rescued each other, others hindered, forests were set on fire and a flying mech high five which is always worth respect.

I'll have a proper write up and the notes we had playtest-wise up soon. In the meantime, these are the character sheets and the pictures of the mechs. Of special note is Inferno's mech, Tiamat, which looked bonkers and was actually in colour.
I also have my initial notes from the setup, questions I asked each player and some choice bits of dialogue from the selection of weapons and the naming of mechs.
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We had played our first one shot today, was a lot of fun. I will be hosting another soon as I figure out my schedule, when its up I will share again. After all three one shots are done I will give my full feedback. Thanks +Dana Fried for letting us enjoy the system. 

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Our next 4-5 episodes (pending editing) will be the first Souls of Steel game we played using TIE fighter as an inspiration.
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