December Voting Event Winner

One last loose end to tie up before we officially say good bye to The Patch. +Piotr Edelman was our winner in our December Voting Event. Congratulations Piotr, and to all the talented photographers who took part in our project! 

hey everyone .. it has been a wonderful experience for me in ThePatch even tho I went awol a couple of times .. i"m sad to see the year end ..
thanks everyone for being a fantastic community xx😀xx

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Our Week 52 Winners

Happy New Year everyone! We have come to the end of our little project, and it's been a fun year. Thank you everyone who took part in the challenge, and extra special thanks to those who have been a part of this since week 1. We hope you all continue on with photography in 2015 using some of the stuff you learned from this project. We'd also like to take a moment to thank +Topaz Labs who were kind enough to provide their wonderful plugins every month. 


+Ines Pereira: Cute seasonal shot with good contrasting colors.

+Piotr Edelman: Great winter selfie

+Bev Anne Moynham: Nice and simple.

Honorable Mentions

+LeBaron Hollimon:  Great photo, but a little weak on the contrasting colors theme.

+Dieter Aurmoogum: Nice and simple photo, but also weak on contrasting colors. 

Now before you go on your merry ways for 2015, we have our year end voting event to take care of. Please take a couple minutes to vote on our December weekly winners. Here's the link for the event:

Thanks again for your participation, and good luck in 2015!
Week 52 Winners
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Week 52: 'Tis the Season & Contrasting Colours

Well, a bit late but I finished all 52 for the year. It was a fun project and congratulations to +Julianne Bockius +Iain Harley +Scott Davenport +Andrew Willard for being there throughout. And all the other lovely members as well.
May 2015 be a fun year again and let your imagination and photography flourish.

hey everyone ..
sorry but i have been unable to take part in our last month together ..
but i wanted to wish everyone a very happy christmas and a wonderful 2015 filled with peace happiness and fulfilled dreams ..
all the best and take care .. :)

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Tis the Season -- Contrasting Colours

52 weeks done -- that was quite a workout!  Thanks so much to the moderators +Iain Harley +Julianne Bockius +Scott Davenport and +Andrew Willard for doing this -- I learned a lot and enjoyed it immensely.  And extra thanks to +Andrew Willard for inviting me in the first place.

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Contrasting Colours/ 'Tis the season

Wishing +The Patch - PhotogrAphy Themed CHallenge a great New Year filled with many colourful presents!! Thanks you guys for the amazing learning experience and see you in 2015!!


Happy New !!
Thank you all for your comments and techings,  it has been a nice challenge. I hope next year be able to finish it!!!

Illness prevents me from posting a photo for the final week of the challenge. I've been largely bed-ridden since Christmas Day. Apparently Santa thought I was naughty this year and brought me a nasty cold.

I hope you all had fun with The Patch this year. I know I did. Thanks to +Iain Harley +Andrew Willard and +Julianne Bockius for including me in this project.
And to +Topaz Labs for their support.

And of course to all you Patch-lings for taking part. Looking forward to seeing more of your work brighten my G+ stream in 2015.

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Here is my final submission to the project.

My deepest thanks to the moderators of the project: +Julianne Bockius +Scott Davenport +Iain Harley and +Andrew Willard for their hard work in 2014.

See you all somewhere next year!
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