Where are you going this summer?  What are you doing to prepare, as departures are very near?

Question #3:
What tips do you inform your travelers about prior to departure? There are so many things to do to get ready to leave and some get forgotten about, regardless of how important they are.  

I just spent the last hour deleting unwanted images, and videos off of my iPhone.  It's a great idea to have backup storage like the cloud or external hard drives however, you don't want your cell phone (the electronic device that most of your travelers will be using exclusively during  their trip to film, shoot, and record on) and have it fail in the middle of their trip.  Convey to your  travelers that they should have about 50% of their memory free before they depart.  This amount of memory will ensure that travelers will have enough room to use their cell phone all day as a camera, film those funny videos at dinner, and capture special recordings or audio whenever they feel inspired like the Gregorian chants I recorded at the Basilica of Pisa. 

Hey everyone, share your instagram accounts and hashtags here so we can all follow and enjoy the images from your travels. Here is ours.



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Question #2: What means of communication do you, as the tour director(teacher) provide for your parents to follow, interact with you, and contact you through?  We set up a Twitter, facebook, instagram(we post images and info as to where we are daily), a blog(we write a blog and upload images, allowing parents to follow us and travel along side tehir children), viber(free WiFi communication), Skype, and we have an international cell phone (parents can contact us 24/7).  Let's hear from you, what have you set up? 

Had a great time last night in Fresno, at Fleming's with Lindsay Tungseth, our EF rep, and her new colleague Jen.  We had our very own "Catalina Mixer" and met some great teachers that love to travel.  As stated last night, this community really is for you, those teachers who love travel and to share the world with your students.  Hopefully we can all utilize this forum to ask questions, help out with travel plans, get ideas, or simply share our trips with the rest of the group.  What better way to find out how any given EF trip truly is than to hear it straight from our peers.  So let's do it!  Let's start sharing ideas, getting those questions that we have answered, and post a few images of our travels!  Let's learn from each other.  Travel on Wayfarers!

Question #1: What trips do you have scheduled for the future?  I have several.

July of 2015, we have London, Paris, Barcelona, and Rome.  
June of 2016, (an adult trip), we have Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Costa De Sole, and a day trip to the Moroccan coast.
July 2016, we have Germany, Italy, and Switzerland.

For 2017, I'm thinking about the European Carousel (17 days).  Does anyone have any experience with this trip?  What did you like, or dislike about it? 
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