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Today was a LMP day. Pump Revolution. Love these workouts.

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I love the hybrid program! In my tenth week with amazing results.
I just ordered Combat...woo-hoo!  I'm not ready to start yet but, wanted to have it before I start my Les Mills Schedule: Pump/Combat/Pump-Combat Hybrid. So, now you know what I'll be doing until the end of the year. :-)

Just did my first workout. I felt like a monkey falling out of a tree, but i really enjoyed it. Lost 2 lbs. of water weight. Can't wait for the sore to kick in and for tomorrow's workout!

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Feelin' great. Second day and another kick-butt workout. HIIT & Inner Warrior. My goal: To keep up with them using 20's by day 30.

I am getting ready to do Combat 60. I have only 2 weeks left. : ) I love the love version!

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Here's my most recent video of my Combat journey.  I've got a bunch of others on my channel if you have some time to kill :P

Thanks for jumping in everyone!  So who's into Combat already and how far along are you?

I'm in Week 8 right now and am planning on doing another round right afterwards.  I might augment it a little bit but I love the program as it is already.
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