I've been on G+ for how bloody long and just now thought to look for the Arsians?


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Secret Santa Gift.
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The late Ray Bradbury speaks of his relationship with Ray Harryhausen in this talk, that I recorded live in 1998.

So. The S.O.'s birthday is next weekend.  It is also the anniversary of his bariatric surgery, and he's really kicked ass.

Why do I say this?  I'm trying to decide between getting him
a) The latest iPod Nano
b) The iPad mini
(No, anything Android is NOT an option)*

For me, there are pros and cons for both (price, screen size, car radio capability, etc) so I'm asking you, iPod/iPad Pluskatopians (thanks +Katey Springle Lempka ) for your thoughts/experiences.

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Working fine for me

I want a hippopotamus for Christmas.

Only a hippopotamus will do.

Dear G+, I've been avoiding looking at pictures and reading news about the recent mass shooting. No thanks for promoting an NBC news post which plastered the faces of the young victims in my feed. 

There may not be doughnuts in the break room, but there is ham in the oven.


I should probably have tagged this Lounge, not Articles, what with it not being an article, and all. And I would change it, but that appears to be among the things which one cannot, for reasons unfathomable to mortal man, edit after the fact.

I just found out that Sour Starbursts are still available in the UK.  Want.
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