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My OC Lightning Gamer
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Who wants to rp

Does anyone what to rp?

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Who do you want to roleplayay with

1: Jasper gay

2:Star Mist bisexual

3:Fire Dash straight
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Would anyone be interested in Roleplaying with one of my Oc's

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Good morning

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Hey! I hope it's okay that I'm posting this here But err.. Does anyone wanna do an art trade..? Or if you have a Diveant art.. Buy a drawing of your Oc? I.. I won't make it to expensive... If you want.. I mean.. It's whatever..
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Hi, I'm new here, this is my oc, Guppy! ^•^

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Thanks for the invite!! This is my RPing OC :3

Name: Mimi~Nini
Age: 12
Species: Neko
Likes: Outdoors,candy,cats(obviously), games,music,cartoons
Dislikes: Bullies,being bored,her ears being pulled,loud noises
Appearance:Black medium hair,black cat ears,blue eyes,white shirt,denim overalls,with muddy sneakers
Sexuality: Straight
Personality: Kind,quiet when meeting new people,sometimes loud,brave,stands up for people
Bio: Mimi is an outdoor neko, meaning she likes to play in the mud or she's not like any other girl. She tries not to think about her step mother. She doesn't know who her real mother is. Although she does have a father. She thinks her step mother doesn't care about her. She just ignores her.

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Quotes : howdy
Name : Orion
Age : unknown
Gender : mail
Height : 5.9
Likes : music flowers sleeping
Dislikes : any one who can out smart him
Species : unknown
Powers : choice " he can pretty much make you do what he wants"
Weapon : he's mind
Bio : unknown
Family : none
Pets : none

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