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Okay guyss! I am back! This ppost haas a hidden mmessage! Well hope youu guys can figure tthis one out! You won't have to tthink to hard anyways! Well ppeace out!

Hope you guys can discover the message!

This community is dead

UTTP supports fandoms now. They are no longer a bad community!

We can take this community down now...

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The UTTP are not evil anymore. Stephen Larson was defeated and we have a new government now. Search: UTTP Recruitment Headquarters if you are interested,

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First thought: Anti uttp group...sweet
Second thought: by my profile picture, I think I'll fit it.
Anyway , you guys know better than me,so what's the point of uttp anyways?

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Kitten sayz diezzzz

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so, i am planning to do operation road kill anyone want to know tell me~
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