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 Name: Luna
 Age: 14
 Gender: F
Occupation: Champion
 Pokemon: Charizard (mega Y), Electivire, Talonflame, Greninja, Froslass, and Dragonite
 Team: ???
 Likes: Poekmon
 Dislikes: People you misuse pokemon
Bio: I don't consider myself a champion. I've simply became a Pokemon Master, Top Coordinater, Ranger, and Top Breeder while trying to find Mew. I owe this pokemon my life, I want to return the favor. I have caught them all. Well, not all. Some important legionaries like Arceus, Dialga, Rayquaza, Zygard are to important to the world to be caught.  People call me the "Wandering Champion".
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Can I be a Champion?  I have a "Wondering Champion" Persona. She's not a Champion to one region.

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Name: Elsa
Age : 21
Gender : female
Team: Glaceon, Pichu and charizard
Likes : winning, chocolate
Dislikes: losing

Which of the super seven have not been taken?

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((Just too get people involved))
i am in the center field of a stadium jam packed with people and you want to check out the commotion 

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Name: Astrid 
Age: twenty 
Gender: Female
Position: gym leader
Pokemon Team: Druddgion, Dragonair, Axew, Hydragon
Likes: battling, good sportsmanship 
Dislikes: cheaters, cry babies, and bullied

If anyone needs help with anything in the community just let me know

I'm surrounded by a huge crowd watching me and my serperior easily beat 3 team flare admins hmp I expected more! the crowd disperses and I see +Hanshakaiteki Neko-suki

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Name: Joshua Neon

Age: 14

Pokemon team:in picture

Position: wandering Unova champion

Likes: my pokemon, winning, adventure, ultra balls

Dislikes: losing, baggers, insolence

+Astrid Hofferson​ I challenge you to a pokemon battle!
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