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Want to learn how to connect hangouts on air with Facebook Live and YouTube live...?

And then share them simultaneously across the web in real time?

I have a training about that. Comment if you want more info. 

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HOA Event Notifications, who get's them & why can be a mystery. Read up on some of the details here and attend our event to learn even more.
A Guide to Hangout On Air Event Notifications
When we attend or host a Hangout on Air (HOA) Event there are many ways and reasons we get notifications about that HOA Event... this article helps you understand them a bit more.

The article also mentions that we will be having further discussions about HOA Events regarding Event Invitations, Notifications, Alerts and more in a HOA Event scheduled for Feb. 5, 2015. The video tied to that Event is included in this article, and if you want to attend the Event, here is the direct link:

Hope you like the article here and are able to come attend the live event to learn more about how you can control your own notifications or how to help others do the same. If you miss it live, you can always watch the replay on the article here or the event page referenced above.
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How to End your HOA Broadcast properly... and a few tips if you don't.
Ending a Hangout on Air Broadcast properly...
There are a couple of ways to Stop the Broadcast of a HOA (Hangout on Air). The 2 screenshots here show you where you should click and what happens if you click in another OK but not optimal place to end the broadcast.

I figure it is better to show you now what may happen, than you getting surprised at the end of the show you are running. If you do choose to "Exit" instead of "Stop Broadcast" as your way to end the show, you'll be booted from the interface and will want to return quickly to say goodbye to the other filmstrip guests in the post-show greenroom.

To do that you'll need to use that HOA URL that you kept handy in case there was a problem during the broadcast, right?

Lots of little details to think about, but once you've mastered the options you can let the Technology Disappear and Focus on Your Message!

To fast track the learning process and maintain your expertise in this ever evolving tool, signup for Hangout Mastery membership. Details can be found here

Have you ever ended a show by 'exiting'?
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Control the Camera with Pinning. Pinning inside a Hangout or Hangout on Air is how you control the camera and what you see... if you are the HOA host, you also control what the viewers see (live and recorded). We used to call this blue boxing... Here's a new term for many: Pinning
Control the Camera with Hangouts - how pinning works
When you want to control what You see inside a Hangout Video Call or what the viewing audience sees in a Hangout on Air broadcast & video, you'll need to understand Pinning.
In the past many of us called pinning by another name: Blue Boxing.

Since the recent interface change happened, the blue border around a pinned video thumbnail has changed to be white, so I'm suggesting we start calling it Pinning since that seems to be what Google has decided to call it.

Avoid this Common Newbee mistake: Don't forget to un-pin to allow the conversation to flow normally where the camera auto-switches based on sound.

Another recent video I made re. new interface changes focused on the width of our own thumbnail image when inside the Hangout interface, check that out here:

To keep up with the changes and to get the full videos you'll want to be part of the Hangout Mastery community... check out details here - signup to keep up!
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Again, thanks to Hangout Mastery members +Susan Finch +Michael Daniels +Debi Davis & +Andrew Hatchett for helping me make this video.

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Quick overview on where to startup Hangouts & Hangouts on Air.
Hangouts & Hangouts on Air (HOA) - Where to go to start one up
I'm working on a project (more on that later) that has me making a few screenshots related to hangouts and hangouts on air.
This is the main place to go to get things started... you get there via the "Hangouts" menu shown here on the left (2) which shows up when you hover over the upper left edge of any Google Plus page (1).

From here ( ) if you are a Profile account you can access all these options. If you are a Page account then the right sidebar showing the Hangout Message Box choices is not an option for you to use but the other items shown are.

I've always wondered why Pages can't partake with Hangout Chats (Hangout Message Box conversations).

Remember... When you press that "Start a Hangout on Air" Blue Button you are not actually starting up a Hangout on Air immediately, but instead you are creating a HOA Event... here is a link to some best practices on how those work and how to get the best out of that option:

If you want even more help mastering Hangouts, check out the membership group here
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I became the Google+ guy at my agency after helping a client host their own Hangout on Air. I made a video about some basic tips on how to do a hangout as well as what I think the future can hold.

I'd love to get your thoughts!

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Mobile Viewers can see a Hangout On Air Video more easily if you share a link to the YouTube video with them, here's how to do that.
3 Steps to Helping Mobile Viewers of HOA Events
Hangouts on Air (HOA) Events are a great way to present your HOA Broadcasts... but sometimes they are tricky for a mobile viewer to watch the live or recorded video broadcast... this tip will help.

If a HOA Event built inside Google Plus is Public, then anyone attending the event (on desktop) can go get a YouTube link of the HOA to share with others in the comments.

This 3-step tutorial will help you see the process that adds a link for anyone to use and will help out those mobile viewers that have difficulty getting to see the live or recorded show.

The use of a SHOAE (Scheduled HOA Event) is a great way to help spread your message via Public Hangouts on Air... watch a video here on the best practices for setting them up:

Learn even more about Hangouts and Hangouts on Air by becoming a member of the Hangout Mastery community, a paid membership environment that is the best place to learn and grow if HOA are part of your messaging plans. Signup to keep up here:
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Using the Comment Tracker with your Hangout on Air can help improve audience interaction which helps set HOA broadcasts apart.
Comment Tracker and HOA Events, Sharing Sources with Others
One of the most useful add-ons for Hangouts on Air (HOA) Events is the Comment Tracker... if you know how to make it work!
The Hangout App named Comment Tracker can bring a non video guest (NVG) right on screen by allowing their written comments to be a visible part of the HOA Broadcast and subsequent video recording. That's Brilliant!

Very valuable to encourage live interaction during a HOA show.

These 4 Screen Shots will show you how to get the Comment Tracker ready for a Comment Wrangler inside the filmstrip. That Comment Wrangler (a person) can help you, the HOA Host, stay focused on other parts of the show, and let them focus on the comments.

Anyone inside the HOA filmstrip can help out by using the Comment Tracker. Version 1 of this Hangout App (the stand-alone version) is still required if you want to use it with HOA Events. Get your copy of it here:

Note: The Comment Tracker included inside the Hangout Toolbox won't work with HOA Events at this time.

Thanks to +Gerwin Sturm for the App, and to +Eric Enge of +Stone Temple Consulting for being the male model playing the role of HOA Host (which he does quite well).

Lots more detail on how to best use the Comment Tracker is frequently covered inside the Hangout Mastery membership area. Find out more here (or talk to an existing member).

I prefer this over the built-in Q & A App for the social value it brings, how about you?
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Use the tools well and you'll have world-wide opportunities.
Online Coaching with Google Hangouts - World-Wide Opportunities
Did you realize that with Google's Free tools you have the ability to offer confidential online coaching or consulting services world-wide... at no cost to you?
If you have a Free Google Plus Account, a Free YouTube Account and have connected them so you can run Hangouts on Air (HOA), you are ready.
► No extra computer software needed to hold the coaching session
► The ability to see the client and the coach is invaluable
► No additional software needed to record the coaching session
► Nothing special needed to give a video of the session to the client
► Minimum wait time before the session's video is ready to view
► The session and the video are always private (confidential)
► No extra disk space or CPU strain is required to create the video
► No travel needed, No geographical boundaries, Instant access

All available to us as coaches or consultants free from Google.
You need to offer value to the client as a Coach/Consultant and need to know how to make the Hangout tools work, but there are no limits to what can be done once you get started.

We'll be having a members only presentation on how to make it all happen soon at this location This training alone will cost you hundreds of dollars elsewhere, but with the Hangout Mastery group it is just part of what is offered to members along with plenty of other training and support. Find out more via or ask an existing member for a referral link.

Learn the tools and you're on your way with world-wide opportunity. Extend your Reach! - Make the Technology Disappear.
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