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How do I create a hangout on Air? I cannot see that option through my google+ page when I click on Hangouts?

I don't understand how to start hangouts on air!! I am trying to do it through Youtube but I can't install an encoder on my Chromebook - Any help would be appreciated...

Hey everyone I have a quick question. Can you access Hangouts on air mobile? I'm trying to access it on my phone and can't find it. I know Google hangouts is now with YouTube live, I downloaded the YouTube app but cant find the feature for Live Chat.


Hi Google,
I have question can i record personal video by hangout and host in youtube private video by hangout api.

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For $10/month you can have up to 100 people CALL into your Hangout

But it looks like this still needs some work... cause it didn't work for me when I tested it ;)

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UberConference turns Google Hangouts into a conference calling system -  up to 100 people may join the call.
Bye Bye GotoWebinar....?

See that little blue icon on top of your Hangout now? It allows you to have people dial in - a la GoToWebinar.

The good news is that instead of you having to call people from within the Hangout yourself, you can have people do it themselves - first come first serve... and they can do it from any phone. First 10 people are free, or you can pay $10/month and get a dedicated dial-in number (sans PIN) and support for up to 100 voice callers.

The not so good news is that it doesn't work so well...
+Tom Batkin and I couldn't get it to work..
When I dialed in with my phone it said I was the first one there and put me on hold. Also, it never connected.

Read more here:!uAoe4

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Is there an issue today??

(I'm hrs away from my weekly HOA - groan)

Anybody out there sharing a similar experience? Hangouts are trying my patience! I get so motivated and excited by "watching" the experts use these tools so well. But when I try it myself, the tools take forever to load and initialize, if they do so at all. Unlike a simple Skype call, this is all just so glitchy. But have no fear.... with extensive consultation, trial, error and retrial I have my troubles narrowed down to either hardware, software or network issues! I'll get the "hang" of these hangouts sooner or later.... maybe later when I upgrade my computer and internet service! Perhaps we expect too much from all this technology. I don't know why this does not work on my C64 and acoustic 300bd modem.

I have not used google hangouts or hangouts on air. Is it possible to use hangouts to call cell phone numbers? Can people join a hangout from their cellphones??

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