Try to key in ARF.. Appear AR0F..

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Waiting for...FX850p or FX880p Simulator.

I have download a share df file but can't open it with fx603 software. 

So Far So Good...just cant key in FIX3...

hi  martin, if i purchase fx-603p calculator for android, it is fully functional for land survey data computation?


I am still awaiting if developer can extend a memory i.e. Min99 (now) to Min999 so that I can compile Jean Meeus "Astronomical Algorithm" in one piece. It is difficult to have a separate program in the menu because I cannot link it but to create too many programs for many equations. How hard this work.

Hi, good day to you, I would like to know how to disable the notification on status bar and lock screen.

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An update on the drop shadows for #MaterialDesign.

Since last switched from using layout margins to internal padding to make sure the shadow is not clipped.

As a side effect the click area is larger as well.

I also added drop shadows to the menu and dialog buttons.
Samsung Galaxy Note 3
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New #MaterialDesign for the +Samsung Galaxy Note 3.  Note the drop shadows on the Buttons. They look really cool.

You need Android Lollipop / 5.0 / API 21.
Samsung Galaxy Note 3
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