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This is Blue IDK really what else to say..

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my sign up, not writing everything again cause it takes forever
some more info:
mother:florrete(adopted felicity from wild)
father: Darkfeather(married florrete)
my sign-up
NAME: Felicity
MOONS: 4-5
PACK: none/rogue
BIO: Felicity lived in a small den with many family members, all of which who had a favorite pack. Felecity ended up being runt of the litter and couldn't choose a pack to join. When she was older and her and her siblings were prepping to leave home, she told her parents that she wanted to be a rogue. She was a different pup. All of the pups avoided playing with her. She just had to stay in the den for most of the time. When time came to the day she moved out to the pack of her choosing, she was sent alone. On her journey to the rogue territory, a older wolf from a pack she was passing attacked her, and gave her the scar on her eye. She was knocked unconcious until a rogue was passing and found her. the rogue carried her to the rogue territory and let her stay. When she woke up from being unconcious she told the rogue who rescued her the whole story. the old rogue decided to let her stay, for she was too far from home. She then lived a happy life of exploring and sticking with the rogue that rescued her. Felicity treated that rogue like her mother and always obeyed her. One day on her daily stroll she met a male wolf the same age as her. He said his name was Devio, she said her name. They started hanging out every time they could. So they bonded into the relationship they have today. The end (of this bio)
RELATIONSHIPS: Devio (another sign up later)
FAMILY: still working on family
LIKES: darkness, meat, rain,
DISLIKES: cheaters, people messing with her fur, forest-destroyers
PERSONALITY: happy, dark, secretive, adventurous
GENDER: female
QUOTE: "dont judge a book by its cover, so dont judge a wolf by its look" -Felicity
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hi guys i just joined and here's my character.  minus the wings o,o her name is cherry
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