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Welcome to the community and this is a roleplay community based on the mmorpg world of warcraft. For more info go here

summed up races

gnomes: sophisticated engineers

goblins: scrap mechanics

humans: humans...

draenei: honorable race of aliens

tauren: shamanistic warriors

orcs: warlike warriors

trolls: honorable shaman and voodoo

undead: undead humans.

Pandaren: shaolin monk fused with po from kung fu panda

Worgen: literally a werewolf

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Quotes: "for the horde!"

Name: Lulu Gearspark

Nicknames: sparks, gearhead (by most goblins)

Age: 18

Species(Orcs,Trolls,Blood Elf,Tauren,Undead,Pardaren,Goblin,Human,Worgen,Gnome,Night Elf): gnome

Horde/Alliance: horde

Class(Death Knight,Druid, Hunter,Mage,Monk,Paladin,Priest,Rouge,Shaman,Warlock): rogue

Eye Color: green though sometimes they glow purple...

Hair: long silver-blonde pigtails

Skin tone: fair and freckled

Armor: pictured and i can't remember the name of the set

Weapons: twin daggers

Personality: clever, sly, goofy

Likes: sweets, tinkering, vol'jin and the old gods

Dislikes: varian wrynn, being betrayed

Pets: might change it later but i got nothin' now

Power: stealth

Capabilities: sabotage and typical gnome rogue stuff

Name: Daren
Age: 1000 years
Gender: Male
Race: Black Mage
Powers: Fire, Thunder, Ice, Fiera, Thundra, Ica, Forraga, Meteor, charge, magic blast
Equipment: Legendary Mage clothes, Legendary mage hat, legendary mage staff, legendary mage ring, legendary mage boots
Element: Fire, ice, thunder, darkness

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