I just found out there is a senior executive who is doing a huge expansion of their company in this area giving a presentation today in Vancouver at 6:30! This is a nationally-sought speaker and trainer who represents a multimillion dollar business and they will be teaching tonight on how we can turn things we spend money on (liabilities) into things that generate money (assets). They will also cover how we can add more value to the products and services we already offer our clients and customers . PM me ASAP to reserve a seat and to get location details. These spots will go quickly!

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I'm starting a new chapter in my life and will be leading my best life! Listen in tonight to find out how you can do the same!

518-530-1840;684-049-626 this will dial the number and the access code for you.  7pm tonight!  Thanks!

I feel that in today's fast-paced, drive-thru world, we lose sight of what really drives our businesses; relationships.  I have found myself guilty of focusing more on getting the work so I can pay my bills rather than being truly invested in providing for what my clients need, even if that is something I cannot directly provide.  

This branches out into the concept of how we define value.  For most, I would venture to say that value means how much we get for how much we give (time, money, labor, etc.).  However, I truly believe that each person has an intrinsic value they bring to any relationship they are in and that this value is oft forgotten.  What is YOUR value?  What do you bring with you to every relationship?    

So my question is this: how can we all get back to focusing on the needs of the client/customer?  And while we're thinking about that, let's also re-define what we're selling.  Are we selling a product or service?  Or are we selling a relationship and an experience that is long-term?

I, for one, am challenging myself to dive deep and help my clients and those I meet in whatever way I can; in the end, I believe this will go much further than any marketing I could do would.  

What do you guys think?  

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Local award-winning website designer and social media and online marketing expert Dotty Scott gives some great tips on how to drive more traffic to your website in this interview I conducted recently.  

Never Compare your insides, and how you feel about yourself, to others outsides, and how they portray themselves. Other people rarely show the pain and problems that are going on inside them. We all have some pain and problems.

Happy New Years Eve everyone! Please have fun but be safe!!

Whats your phrase for today? Mine is "They are all different."

Well hello all I hope this turns out to be a sucess for us all. Hopefully Dotty can explane how these hangouts work etc... I have used them on my phone and they seem really cool.

Feel free to invite anyone who you feel might benefit from this community.
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