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Hey guys I hate to do this but I forgot to include something in the template but I fixed it. I'd appreciate it if you take a look at the template and add it into your profiles, and I'll make it up to you by not needing to have your profiles approved again after you add them! Once again I'm sorry!

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More better?

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Name: Northern Frost
Nickname: Snow or North
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Angel or demon: Angel
1. winter like ice, snow, Cold winter, or winter creatures.
2.Song of life: beautiful voice that can change anything from bad to good.
Likes: cold, winter, playing with her powers, reading, day dreaming, singing, white &a red roses, beautiful sights, animals, and seeing beauty in all that ugly.
Dislikes: popularity, mean demons &a angels, test, heat, and harm to her animals
Personality: respectful, beautiful, kind, gentle, active, bright, smart, daring, compassionate, curious, and funny
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walks around in a nearby city in human clothes until you stop me
You: hey stop... you don't belong here
Me: are you going to stop me?
you reach in your pocket to grab a weapon then........
(Must engage in a fight)
(Can be an angel or demon)
(Just ask for a pp or hangouts if wanted)

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Quote: "Heh, the Holy's admit they just like to kill who they deem unworthy or they still rolling with the whole 'justice and equality' shit?"
Name: Elphis
Species: Human, working for the demons
Sin: Pride
Rank: lower class arch demon (is there an official ranking system that i didn't see?)
Powers/weapons: masterwork Demon Sabre, ability to summon a hellhound familiar
Likes: Compliments, glory, battle
Dislikes: allies who are stronger than him, enemies he cannot beat
Personality: Spiteful, arrogantly and full of himself,

Bio: Elphis was once a human with a different name, one he vows never to speak again. He always wanted to be a holy warrior, but was told he never could be. So, one day, he challenged an angel to combat, and he won, miraculously. He shouted to the heavens to give him his winning prize, but rhey never did. However, just then, a shadowy figure appeared with a Proposal. He promised if he were to take up arms with the demon horde, he would see angels die by his blade. He now fights for the demon army.

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"I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, For I shall fear no evil. For my god is with me but is he with you"

"And Shepherd I shall be For thee, my Lord, for thee. Power hath descended forth from Thy hand Our feet may swiftly carry out Thy commands. So I shall flow a river forth to Thee And teeming with souls shall it ever be. In Nomeni Patri Et Fili Spiritus Sancti."

-Boondock Saint's Family prayer


Father Ivan

The Priest




April 1, 1977

Family, Dead

Friends, None



Day; The way a priest should act

Night; He hunts the evil in the world

Priest to St. Joseph's Church in uptown New York


▯Hair colour/ Style▯
Silver, long

▯Eye colour▯

▯Skin colour▯

▯Special Features▯
"He has long silk like silver hair that shimmers in the moonlight"

One across his eye, and a giant on in a shape of a cross on his chest

Two sleeves on his arms

∾Likes and Dislikes∾
✓ Good in things

✗ The bad things in the world

∾Abilities,Skills,Weaknesses and Past/Summary ∾

Cross: This cross is silver and was blessed by 7 Catholic priest

Abandon: A normal Winchester rifle

Mustang & Sally: 2 normal colt 45 revolver

Eraser: Lever action shotgun lays and a holster behind his back on lower back

Silver knives: they lay next to the revolvers

Salt: Keeps ghost,demons,hellhounds and many other supernatural creatures away, can also be used as defensive if shotgun shells are filled with it

Demon blade: Used for killing/harming demons

•Angel blade: Used to kill angels and demons

Bullets: these bullets fit in both guns they are silver tiped then dipped in holy water then blessed and explode on impact

Demon circle: it's a circle that traps demons in there place their powers no long work

•Intense knowledge in the Supernatural and Science
•lock picking
•computer hacking
•Hand to Hand combat
•torturing physically
•reading and recalling Latin incantations {which can be used to summon and exorcise demons}

He's human

▯Theme Song▯

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Quotes :
The living world is so boring!
I'm a disgraceful hybrid!
Lust is beautiful~
Name : Rose .B. Sutcliff
Species : Grim-Reaper / Demon
Sin : Lust
Age : 30 (looks 15)
Rank : (?)
Powers/weapon :
Soul Reaping : with one swipe of my Deathsythe I can take your soul.
true form : my...True form is Unclean. . tucked her ears back and started to transform, Rings form on her cat ears disappeared, her hair turns white, her eyes tutned black with white speckles
Likes : candy, singing, Fighting, killing
Dislikes : Angles, humans
Bio : When I was young my father left me on the street. . a groop of men picked Me up and took me to the circus. And now I live with a ginger-haired man named Grell Sutcliff. ... I sold my soul to a demon which gave me a Demon side to my Grim Reaper... I am the most disgraceful hybrid in London..
Side : neutral
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