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Everything's new

We're now plugged into the ChinesePod api which brings stability, performance improvements and a slur of new features. All the changes are a bit lengthy to list, but some major new features include:

- Search functionality
- Expansion & Grammar now included in the lesson page
- Play all types of audio - Full lesson, dialogue and vocab review
- Download and manage your offline content

Check it out and come back with your thoughts

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Anxious to push this next update. In addition to KitKat support, lesson data retrieval has been vastly improved. Pulling audio, vocab and dialog should be 2 to 3 times faster and the repair function should no longer be necessary.

Beta is hopefully going up tonight or tomorrow morning. If you'd like to give it a try, ask to join the beta community (I'm very accepting).


Just uploaded the 1.0.6 update to the current Play Store listing as well as the 1.0.7 KitKat enabled update to the beta Play Store listing.  Both will take a few hours or so to be pushed out.

Hopefully 1.0.7 doesn't see any major bugs and will be able to be moved to production quickly.  The current Lollipop-only version supports 141 devices while the KitKat upgrade would support 2280!


New things in progress:

** Now playing floating action button when not on lesson page
** Ability to choose between playing the full lesson, dialog or vocab review
** Option to pick which audio files you would like downloaded offline (full lesson, dialog, vocab or any combination of the three)

Now supports KitKat!

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Running on KitKat. Buggy, but making progress.
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Welcome to the ChineseMaterial community page.

ChineseMaterial was made out of the love for Chinese and the love for ChinesePod.  The main way I study has been by listening to a CP podcast, reading the dialog out loud, rewriting the dialog and then listening to the podcast again.
To avoid choosing between lugging my computer around or using the official app, I made my own ChinesePod client a year and a half ago.
In December, I decided to completely rewrite it and share it with all of you.  

Some notes...

Since ChineseMaterials design and features are based primarily around how I study, ChinesePod components that you find useful might not be present.  This is something that I hope to improve upon as I get feedback.

Since I only have my own account to test against, I'm not positive how the app will react with other people's ChinesePod settings and data.  If you have issues retrieving lessons or lesson data, first go to Settings->Repair and attempt to auto-fix the issue.  If you still have problems, please contact me. I enjoy studying with this app, and I want you to be able to as well.

ChineseMaterial currently only supports devices running Android 5.0 Lollipop.  The framework for 4.1 JellyBean support and up is in place and will hopefully be released soon.

Tablet support is being worked on as well as larger phone support (the word phablet is awful - we mustn't use it).   I'm developing on a Nexus 6 so I'm just as anxious to take advantage of devices with more screen real estate. 

If you would like to be part of the Beta test group, you can request to join the ChineseMaterial Beta community:

Future additions:

Android 4.1+ support
Tablet/Large phone support
Search feature
"Loading more lessons" lazy load indicator
Delete individual lessons
Pull ChinesePod profile picture & username
Switch between traditional & simplified

If you all have suggestions, issues, comments, or want to use this community to 練練中文, please do! Thank you all for the interest.


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