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Hello guys!!

I am trying to redesign Illusion on some parts and well tried to start from our Logo.

Give +1 on my comments to choose if left logo or right logo. If you know any themer or you wanna propose me any new logo send it to me to

If I receive any new logo I will add it to the picture.


Will there be a way in the future for the rom to format the system as f2fs instead of ext4? Cause i noticed that when when i format it to f2fs it formats it back to ext4 when flashing the rom.

Can I please get a link to the latest stable?
Every link I find is dead ???

Its a great rom and only one feature I will request is the 'Quick Circle App' with clock, phone, message and flashlight functions. Thanks.

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Please build rom for Samsung Vibrant T959

Have you stop doing updates for the L900. The last one I see was July.

Just wondering if the Galaxy S3 (GT-I9300) will be built?

I'm using this week build
on N7000
Physical keyboard is always set to ON and it reverts to ON after each reboot.
This prevents virtual keyboard from appear.

Any news about the new Illusion?
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