In the midsts of watching ‘Ator, the Fighting Eagle’. If you are playing the barbarian script, this is a must watch.
The main villain unknowingly kidnapped the sister/wife (one person) of the guy that was foretold to kill him. The best lines so far have been:
‘What’s you name?’, ‘I don’t use names’
And ‘Never touch those drapes.’
It’s not even finished yet. 😂

So, I’m running the Cop Movie script on Sunday. Anyone got any film suggestions?

Quick question about Move Towards Safety move in The Disaster Movie script. I assume the ‘holds’ you gain at 10+ accumulate until they get 5 and can escape the disaster. Are there other ways to gain these holds? I’m worried about not being able to control the end time of the game. Has this been an issue for anyone? Any tips?

Going to be running a ‘Disaster Movie’ script in a few weeks. Anyone got any suggestions for terrible movies I can watch?
(Last time I GM’ed this we did Vigilante and your movie suggestions were spot on, so looking forward to hearing what you’ve got for me.)

Has anyone done a Purge-style script?

I guess you could make it a subset of something else.

Guess I could dig back into the book to have a think... but then what is the Internet for????

I just got AMW: Deleted Scenes and have one question.

On the Child Actor playbook, it says to choose 2 moves. Are those 2 in addition to "You're Not a Kid Forever", or does that move have to be one of the two chosen?

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For those who play online, or whose handwriting is like mine, we have form-fillable PDFs for our Actor Playbooks on our downloads page:

Are there Fillable Playbooks for those of us who play online via Roll20 and the like? I found the fillable movie script, but I'd like to be able to have my players fill in their playbooks and be able to view them and keep track easier online. Thanks!

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ACTION MOVIE WORLD is finding a home in French: 500 Nuances De Geek has translated this over the top romp and is producing a new edition with a cover that looks like it could've come off the shelf at the video store.

Find out more,

Then get involved with the crowd-funding campaign to get a whole wave of games Powered by the Apocalypse.
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